Thibault Duretz
Thibault Duretz
CNRS - Géosciences Rennes / ISTE - University of Lausanne, Switzerland
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Numerical modelling of spontaneous slab breakoff and subsequent topographic response
T Duretz, TV Gerya, DA May
Tectonophysics 502 (1-2), 244-256, 2011
A comparison of numerical surface topography calculations in geodynamic modelling: an evaluation of the ‘sticky air’method
F Crameri, H Schmeling, GJ Golabek, T Duretz, R Orendt, SJH Buiter, ...
Geophysical Journal International 189 (1), 38-54, 2012
Slab detachment during continental collision: Influence of crustal rheology and interaction with lithospheric delamination
T Duretz, TV Gerya
Tectonophysics 602, 124-140, 2013
Discretization errors and free surface stabilization in the finite difference and marker‐in‐cell method for applied geodynamics: A numerical study
T Duretz, DA May, TV Gerya, PJ Tackley
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Dynamics of slab detachment
T Duretz, SM Schmalholz, TV Gerya
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 13 (3), 2012
Thermomechanical modeling of slab eduction
T Duretz, TV Gerya, BJP Kaus, TB Andersen
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Thermo-mechanical modeling of the obduction process based on the Oman ophiolite case
T Duretz, P Agard, P Yamato, C Ducassou, EB Burov, TV Gerya
Gondwana Research 32, 1-10, 2016
The importance of structural softening for the evolution and architecture of passive margins
T Duretz, B Petri, G Mohn, SM Schmalholz, FL Schenker, O Müntener
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Alpine lithosphere slab rollback causing lower crustal seismicity in northern foreland
J Singer, T Diehl, S Husen, E Kissling, T Duretz
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T Duretz, TV Gerya, W Spakman
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Kinematics and dynamics of tectonic nappes: 2-D numerical modelling and implications for high and ultra-high pressure tectonism in the Western Alps
SM Schmalholz, T Duretz, FL Schenker, YY Podladchikov
Tectonophysics 631, 160-175, 2014
H2O-fluid-saturated melting of subducted continental crust facilitates exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure rocks in continental subduction zones
L Labrousse, T Duretz, T Gerya
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 428, 151-161, 2015
Physics‐controlled thickness of shear zones caused by viscous heating: Implications for crustal shear localization
T Duretz, SM Schmalholz, YY Podladchikov, DA Yuen
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Numerical modelling of magma transport in dykes
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Shear zone and nappe formation by thermal softening, related stress and temperature evolution, and application to the Alps
SM Schmalholz, T Duretz
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 33 (8), 887-908, 2015
An adaptive staggered grid finite difference method for modeling geodynamic Stokes flows with strongly variable viscosity
TV Gerya, DA May, T Duretz
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14 (4), 1200-1225, 2013
A free surface capturing discretization for the staggered grid finite difference scheme
T Duretz, DA May, P Yamato
Geophysical Journal International 204 (3), 1518-1530, 2016
Numerical modeling of eastern Tibetan-type margin: Influences of surface processes, lithospheric structure and crustal rheology
L Chen, T Gerya, Z Zhang, G Zhu, T Duretz, WR Jacoby
Gondwana Research 24 (3-4), 1091-1107, 2013
Resolving thermomechanical coupling in two and three dimensions: spontaneous strain localization owing to shear heating
T Duretz, L Räss, YY Podladchikov, SM Schmalholz
Geophysical Journal International 216 (1), 365-379, 2019
Spontaneous generation of ductile shear zones by thermal softening: Localization criterion, 1D to 3D modelling and application to the lithosphere
D Kiss, Y Podladchikov, T Duretz, SM Schmalholz
Earth and planetary science letters 519, 284-296, 2019
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