Eunah Chung
Eunah Chung
Research Associate, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
E-mail megerősítve itt: cchmc.org
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Hivatkozott rá
Six2 and Wnt regulate self-renewal and commitment of nephron progenitors through shared gene regulatory networks
JS Park, W Ma, LL O'Brien, E Chung, JJ Guo, JG Cheng, MT Valerius, ...
Developmental cell 23 (3), 637-651, 2012
Ginsenoside-Rg1, one of the major active molecules from Panax ginseng, is a functional ligand of glucocorticoid receptor
YJ Lee, E Chung, KY Lee, YH Lee, B Huh, SK Lee
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 133 (2), 135-140, 1997
A bioinformatics method identifies prominent off-targeted transcripts in RNAi screens
FD Sigoillot, S Lyman, JF Huckins, B Adamson, E Chung, B Quattrochi, ...
Nature methods 9 (4), 363, 2012
Phosphorylation of Cdc20 is required for its inhibition by the spindle checkpoint
E Chung, RH Chen
Nature cell biology 5 (8), 748-753, 2003
Spindle checkpoint requires Mad1-bound and Mad1-free Mad2
E Chung, RH Chen
Molecular biology of the cell 13 (5), 1501-1511, 2002
Effects of bisphenol A and triclocarban on brain-specific expression of aromatase in early zebrafish embryos
E Chung, MC Genco, L Megrelis, JV Ruderman
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Single cell dissection of early kidney development: multilineage priming
EW Brunskill, JS Park, E Chung, F Chen, B Magella, SS Potter
Development 141 (15), 3093-3101, 2014
High-throughput kinase profiling: a more efficient approach toward the discovery of new kinase inhibitors
CV Miduturu, X Deng, N Kwiatkowski, W Yang, L Brault, ...
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FOXA1, GATA3 and PPARɣ cooperate to drive luminal subtype in bladder cancer: a molecular analysis of established human cell lines
JI Warrick, V Walter, H Yamashita, E Chung, L Shuman, VO Amponsa, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-15, 2016
Ginsenoside-Rh2 blocks the cell cycle of SK-HEP-1 cells at the G1/S boundary by selectively inducing the protein expression of p27kip1
KY Lee, JA Park, E Chung, YH Lee, S Kim II, SK Lee
Cancer letters 110 (1-2), 193-200, 1996
Ginsenoside-Rg1 down-regulates glucocorticoid receptor and displays synergistic effects with cAMP
E Chung, KY Lee, YJ Lee, YH Lee, SK Lee
Steroids 63 (7-8), 421-424, 1998
Notch signaling promotes nephrogenesis by downregulating Six2
E Chung, P Deacon, S Marable, J Shin, JS Park
Development 143 (21), 3907-3913, 2016
Notch is required for the formation of all nephron segments and primes nephron progenitors for differentiation
E Chung, P Deacon, JS Park
Development 144 (24), 4530-4539, 2017
Transcriptional Regulation by ATOH1 and its Target SPDEF in the Intestine
YH Lo, E Chung, Z Li, YW Wan, MM Mahe, MS Chen, TK Noah, KN Bell, ...
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Hnf4a deletion in the mouse kidney phenocopies Fanconi renotubular syndrome
SS Marable, E Chung, M Adam, SS Potter, JS Park
JCI insight 3 (14), 2018
Hnf4a is required for the development of Cdh6-expressing progenitors into proximal tubules in the mouse kidney
SS Marable, E Chung, JS Park
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 31 (11), 2543-2558, 2020
FOXA1, GATA3 and PPAR [Latin small letter gamma] cooperate to drive luminal subtype in bladder cancer: a molecular analysis of established human cell lines
JI Warrick, V Walter, H Yamashita, E Chung, L Shuman, VO Amponsa, ...
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Defective transcription elongation in a subset of cancers confers immunotherapy resistance
V Modur, N Singh, V Mohanty, E Chung, B Muhammad, K Choi, X Chen, ...
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β-catenin regulates the formation of multiple nephron segments in the mouse kidney
P Deacon, CW Concodora, E Chung, JS Park
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-13, 2019
Phenylpropionc acid produced by gut microbiota alleviates acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity
S Cho, KJ Won, X Yang, V Leone, EB Chang, E Chung, JS Park, H Lee, ...
bioRxiv, 811984, 2019
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