Lutz Gross
Lutz Gross
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Hivatkozott rá
Interface modeling in incompressible media using level sets in Escript
L Gross, L Bourgouin, AJ Hale, HB Mühlhaus
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 163 (1-4), 23-34, 2007
Enabling technologies for computational science: frameworks, middleware, and environments
EN Houstis
Springer, 2000
Analysis of slip‐weakening frictional laws with static restrengthening and their implications on the scaling, asymmetry, and mode of dynamic rupture on homogeneous and …
LM Olsen‐Kettle, D Weatherley, E Saez, L Gross, HB Mühlhaus, HL Xing
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A parallel algorithm to find the zeros of a complex analytic function.
MH Meylan, L Gross
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PDE-based geophysical modelling using finite elements: examples from 3D resistivity and 2D magnetotellurics
R Schaa, L Gross, J Du Plessis
Journal of Geophysics and Engineering 13 (2), S59-S73, 2016
Automatic building extraction on high-resolution remote sensing imagery using deep convolutional encoder-decoder with spatial pyramid pooling
Y Liu, L Gross, Z Li, X Li, X Fan, W Qi
IEEE Access 7, 128774-128786, 2019
Preconditioning by incomplete block elimination
L Grosz, ...
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Scripting high performance earth systems simulations on the sgi altix 3700
M Davies, L Gross, H Muhlhaus
Proceedings. Seventh International Conference on High Performance Computing …, 2004
A progressive analysis of matrix cracking-induced delamination in composite laminates using an advanced phantom node method
J Reiner, M Veidt, M Dargusch, L Gross
Journal of Composite Materials 51 (20), 2933-2947, 2017
Inversion of potential field data using the finite element method on parallel computers
L Gross, C Altinay, S Shaw
Computers & geosciences 84, 61-71, 2015
Australia's lithospheric density field, and its isostatic equilibration
ARA Aitken, C Altinay, L Gross
Geophysical Supplements to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical …, 2015
Sand erosion as an internal boundary value problem
H Muhlhaus, L Gross, A Scheuermann
Acta Geotechnica 10 (3), 333-342, 2015
Simulating damage evolution and fracture propagation in sandstone containing a preexisting 3‐D surface flaw under uniaxial compression
S Mondal, L Olsen‐Kettle, L Gross
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics …, 2019
Using supervised machine learning to distinguish microseismic from noise events
Z Zhao, L Gross
SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts 2017, 2918-2923, 2017
Fault-zone healing effectiveness and the structural evolution of strike-slip fault systems
Y Finzi, EH Hearn, V Lyakhovsky, L Gross
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The influence of non-coaxiality on shear banding in viscous-plastic materials
H Muhlhaus, L Moresi, L Gross, J Grotowski
Granular Matter 12 (3), 229-238, 2010
Electrical Resistivity Tomography using a finite element based BFGS algorithm with algebraic multigrid preconditioning
AL Codd, L Gross
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A new design of scientific software using Python and XML
L Gross, H Mühlhaus, E Thorne, K Steube
Pure and Applied Geophysics 165 (3), 653-670, 2008
Weighted cross-gradient function for joint inversion with the application to regional 3-D gravity and magnetic anomalies
L Gross
Geophysical Journal International 217 (3), 2035-2046, 2019
Shear band formation in numerical simulations applying a continuum damage rheology model
Y Finzi, H Muhlhaus, L Gross, A Amirbekyan
Pure and Applied Geophysics 170 (1), 13-25, 2013
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