Juan Santos Echeandia
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Significance of interactions between microplastics and POPs in the marine environment: a critical overview
JP Rodrigues, AC Duarte, J Santos-Echeandía, T Rocha-Santos
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Porewater geochemistry in a Galician Ria (NW Iberian Peninsula): implications for benthic fluxes of dissolved trace elements (Co, Cu, Ni, Pb, V, Zn)
J Santos-Echeandia, R Prego, A Cobelo-García, GE Millward
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Effect of dissolved organic matter (DOM) of contrasting origins on Cu and Pb speciation and toxicity to Paracentrotus lividus larvae
P Sánchez-Marín, J Santos-Echeandía, M Nieto-Cid, XA Álvarez-Salgado, ...
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Quantification of iron in seawater at the low picomolar range based on optimization of bromate/ammonia/dihydroxynaphtalene system by catalytic adsorptive cathodic stripping …
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Submarine groundwater discharge: a significant source of dissolved trace metals to the North Western Mediterranean Sea
G Trezzi, J Garcia-Orellana, V Rodellas, J Santos-Echeandia, ...
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Temporal and spatial changes of total and labile metal concentration in the surface sediments of the Vigo Ria (NW Iberian Peninsula): Influence of anthropogenic sources
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J Santos-Echeandía, M Caetano, P Brito, J Canario, C Vale
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Biodynamics of mercury in mussel tissues as a function of exposure pathway: natural vs microplastic routes
JR Rivera-Hernández, B Fernández, J Santos-Echeandia, S Garrido, ...
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Controls of primary production in two phytoplankton blooms in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
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G Trezzi, J Garcia-Orellana, J Santos-Echeandia, V Rodellas, ...
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Influence of the heavy fuel spill from the Prestige tanker wreckage in the overlying seawater column levels of copper, nickel and vanadium (NE Atlantic ocean)
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Improving the voltammetric quantification of ill-defined peaks using second derivative signal transformation: example of the determination of platinum in water and sediments
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J Santos-Echeandía
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Iron sources alter the response of Southern Ocean phytoplankton to ocean acidification
S Trimborn, T Brenneis, CJM Hoppe, LM Laglera, L Norman, ...
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Direct simultaneous determination of Cu, Ni and V in seawater using adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetry with mixed ligands
A Cobelo‐García, J Santos‐Echeandía, R Prego, O Nieto
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Exchange of nutrients across the sediment–water interface in intertidal ria systems (SW Europe)
N Ospina-Álvarez, M Caetano, C Vale, J Santos-Echeandía, P Bernárdez, ...
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Dissolved copper speciation behaviour during estuarine mixing in the San Simon Inlet (wet season, Galicia). Influence of particulate matter
J Santos-Echeandia, LM Laglera, R Prego, CMG van den Berg
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 76 (2), 447-453, 2008
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