Ashraf El-sisi
Ashraf El-sisi
Prof. of computer Science Menoufia University – Shebin El Kom, Egypt
E-mail megerősítve itt: ci.menofia.edu.eg
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Cloud Task Scheduling Based on Ant Colony Optimization
MA Tawfeek, El-Sisi, Ashraf , Arabi E. keshk and Fawzy A Torkey
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Network Intrusion Detection System based PSO-SVM for Cloud Computing
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Design and implementation biometric access control system using fingerprint for restricted area based on gabor filter.
A El-Sisi
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Mitigating ARP Spoofing Attacks in Software-Defined Networks
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A reactive fault tolerance approach for cloud computing
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Fast cryptographic privacy preserving association rules mining on distributed homogenous data base
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A New Approach for Instance Selection: Algorithms, Evaluation, and Comparisons
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Argumentation based negotiation in multiagent system
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Filter Versus Wrapper Feature Selection for Network Intrusion Detection System
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Enhanced semantic arabic Question Answering system based on Khoja stemmer and AWN
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Bilateral agent negotiation for e-commerce based on fuzzy logic
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Clustering of chemical data sets for drug discovery
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An Ant Algorithm for Cloud Task Scheduling
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Fast Cryptographic Privacy Preserving Association Rules Mining on Distributed Homogenous Database.
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Reconfigurable implementation of Karatsuba multiplier for Galois field in elliptic curves
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FPGA Implementation of Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication over GF(2191)
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