Sebastian Watt
Sebastian Watt
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Modelling of the tsunami from the December 22, 2018 lateral collapse of Anak Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Straits, Indonesia
ST Grilli, DR Tappin, S Carey, SFL Watt, SN Ward, AR Grilli, SL Engwell, ...
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Fallout and distribution of volcanic ash over Argentina following the May 2008 explosive eruption of Chaitén, Chile
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, RS Martin, NE Matthews
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Tephra stratigraphy and eruptive volume of the May, 2008, Chaitén eruption, Chile
F Alfano, C Bonadonna, ACM Volentik, CB Connor, SFL Watt, DM Pyle, ...
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Large submarine landslides on continental slopes: geohazards, methane release, and climate change
PJ Talling, ML CLARE, M Urlaub, E Pope, JE Hunt, SFL Watt
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The unexpected awakening of Chaitén volcano, Chile
SA Carn, JS Pallister, L Lara, JW Ewert, S Watt, AJ Prata, RJ Thomas, ...
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The volcanic response to deglaciation: Evidence from glaciated arcs and a reassessment of global eruption records
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather
Earth-Science Reviews 122, 77-102, 2013
The influence of great earthquakes on volcanic eruption rate along the Chilean subduction zone
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 277 (3-4), 399-407, 2009
Environmental effects of ashfall in Argentina from the 2008 Chaitén volcanic eruption
RS Martin, SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, NE Matthews, RB Georg, ...
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Combinations of volcanic-flank and seafloor-sediment failure offshore Montserrat, and their implications for tsunami generation
SFL Watt, PJ Talling, ME Vardy, V Heller, V Hühnerbach, M Urlaub, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 319, 228-240, 2012
Widespread and progressive seafloor-sediment failure following volcanic debris avalanche emplacement: Landslide dynamics and timing offshore Montserrat, Lesser Antilles
SFL Watt, PJ Talling, ME Vardy, DG Masson, TJ Henstock, V Hühnerbach, ...
Marine Geology 323, 69-94, 2012
Submarine record of volcanic island construction and collapse in the L esser A ntilles arc: First scientific drilling of submarine volcanic island landslides by IODP E …
A Le Friant, O Ishizuka, G Boudon, MR Palmer, PJ Talling, B Villemant, ...
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Earth-Science Reviews 138, 137-155, 2014
Multiple widespread landslides during the long‐term evolution of a volcanic island: Insights from high‐resolution seismic data, Montserrat, Lesser Antilles
E Lebas, A Le Friant, G Boudon, SFL Watt, PJ Talling, N Feuillet, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 12 (5), 2011
Holocene tephrochronology of the Hualaihue region (Andean southern volcanic zone,∼ 42 S), southern Chile
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, JA Naranjo, G Rosqvist, M Mella, TA Mather, ...
Quaternary International 246 (1-2), 324-343, 2011
From gradual spreading to catastrophic collapse–Reconstruction of the 1888 Ritter Island volcanic sector collapse from high-resolution 3D seismic data
J Karstens, C Berndt, M Urlaub, SFL Watt, A Micallef, M Ray, I Klaucke, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 517, 1-13, 2019
Evidence of mid-to late-Holocene explosive rhyolitic eruptions from Chaitén Volcano, Chile
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather
Andean Geology 40 (2), 216-226, 2013
Chalcophile element processing beneath a continental arc stratovolcano
D Cox, SFL Watt, FE Jenner, AR Hastie, SJ Hammond
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 522, 1-11, 2019
Vulcanian explosion cycles: Patterns and predictability
SFL Watt, TA Mather, DM Pyle
Geology 35 (9), 839-842, 2007
Arc magma compositions controlled by linked thermal and chemical gradients above the subducting slab
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, JA Naranjo
Geophysical Research Letters 40 (11), 2550-2556, 2013
The use of tree-rings and foliage as an archive of volcanogenic cation deposition
SFL Watt, DM Pyle, TA Mather, JA Day, A Aiuppa
Environmental Pollution 148 (1), 48-61, 2007
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