Sabeerali C. T
Sabeerali C. T
Scientist, India Meteorological Department
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Hivatkozott rá
Simulation of boreal summer intraseasonal oscillations in the latest CMIP5 coupled GCMs
CT Sabeerali, A Ramu Dandi, A Dhakate, K Salunke, S Mahapatra, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118 (10), 4401-4420, 2013
Why ensemble mean projection of south Asian monsoon rainfall by CMIP5 models is not reliable?
CT Sabeerali, SA Rao, AR Dhakate, K Salunke, BN Goswami
Climate Dynamics 45 (1), 161-174, 2015
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On the relationship between Indian summer monsoon withdrawal and Indo-Pacific SST anomalies before and after 1976/1977 climate shift
CT Sabeerali, SA Rao, RS Ajayamohan, R Murtugudde
Climate Dynamics 39 (3-4), 841-859, 2012
Model biases in long coupled runs of NCEP CFS in the context of Indian summer monsoon
HS Chaudhari, S Pokhrel, SK Saha, A Dhakate, RK Yadav, K Salunke, ...
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G George, DN Rao, CT Sabeerali, A Srivastava, SA Rao
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Modulation of SST, SSS over northern Bay of Bengal on ISO time scale
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Atlantic zonal mode: an emerging source of Indian summer monsoon variability in a warming world
CT Sabeerali, RS Ajayamohan, HK Bangalath, N Chen
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Role of Indian Ocean SST variability on the recent global warming hiatus
A Arora, SA Rao, R Chattopadhyay, T Goswami, G George, CT Sabeerali
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On the shortening of Indian summer monsoon season in a warming scenario
CT Sabeerali, RS Ajayamohan
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Predicting monsoon intraseasonal precipitation using a low-order nonlinear stochastic model
N Chen, AJ Majda, CT Sabeerali, RS Ajayamohan
Journal of Climate 31 (11), 4403-4427, 2018
Extraction and prediction of indices for monsoon intraseasonal oscillations: An approach based on nonlinear Laplacian spectral analysis
CT Sabeerali, RS Ajayamohan, D Giannakis, AJ Majda
Climate Dynamics 49 (9), 3031-3050, 2017
Loss of predictive skill of indian summer monsoon rainfall in NCEP CFSv2 due to misrepresentation of Atlantic zonal mode
CT Sabeerali, RS Ajayamohan, SA Rao
Climate Dynamics 52 (7), 4599-4619, 2019
Impact of convective parameterization on the seasonal prediction skill of Indian summer monsoon
R Krishna, SA Rao, A Srivastava, HP Kottu, M Pradhan, P Pillai, RA Dandi, ...
Climate Dynamics 53 (9), 6227-6243, 2019
A novel method for interpolating daily station rainfall data using a stochastic lattice model
B Khouider, CT Sabeerali, RS Ajayamohan, V Praveen, AJ Majda, DS Pai, ...
Journal of Hydrometeorology 21 (5), 909-933, 2020
Changing relationship between the tropical easterly jet and the Indian summer monsoon rainfall: Role of Indian Ocean warming
DN Rao, G George, CT Sabeerali, DA Ramu, S Rao
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2015
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