Henning Mohr
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Hivatkozott rá
Sedimentation-induced burial of subsea pipelines: Observations from field data and laboratory experiments
SHF Leckie, H Mohr, S Draper, DL McLean, DJ White, L Cheng
Coastal Engineering 114, 137-158, 2016
Predicting the rate of scour beneath subsea pipelines in marine sediments under steady flow conditions
H Mohr, S Draper, L Cheng, DJ White
Coastal Engineering 110, 111-126, 2016
Centrifuge experiments of a hybrid foundation under combined loading
C Gaudin, H Mohr, MJ Cassidy, B Bienen, OA Purwana
The Twenty-first International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 2011
Free field sediment mobility on Australia’s North West Shelf
H Mohr, S Draper, D White
International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 55379 …, 2013
Improvement of Dual Fuel Engine Technology for Current and Future Applications
H Mohr, T Baufeld
Proceedings of the CIMAC Congress, Shanghai, China, 13-17, 2013
Remote Intelligent Geotectoical Seabed Surveys–Technology Emerging from the Rigss Jip
DJ White, SA Stanier, MA Schneider, CD O’Loughlin, SH Chow, ...
Offshore Site Investigation Geotechnics 8th International Conference …, 2017
The hydrodynamics of a recirculating (O-tube) flume
H Mohr, S Draper, D White, L Cheng, H An, Q Zhang
The effect of permeability on the erosion threshold of fine-grained sediments
H Mohr, S Draper, DJ White, L Cheng
Coastal Engineering 163, 103813, 2021
The influence of permeability on the erosion rate of fine-grained marine sediments
H Mohr, S Draper, DJ White, L Cheng
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Penetrometer equipment and testing techniques for offshore design of foundations, anchors and pipelines
MF Randolph, SA Stanier, CD O’Loughlin, SH Chow, B Bienen, ...
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Erosion and scour behaviour of marine sediments
H Mohr
University of Western Australia, 2015
Optimierung von Diesel-/Gas-Großmotoren für unterschiedlichste Anwendungen
H Mohr, M Frobenius, H Harndorf
Die Zukunft der Großmotoren III 3, 138-149, 2014
Ocean-structure-seabed interaction: O-tube modelling of pipeline stability
D White, S Draper, L Cheng, H An, H Mohr, S Leckie
Australian Geomechanics Journal 49 (4), 157-164, 2015
Hydrodynamic forces on near-bed small diameter cables and pipelines in currents, waves and combined flow
T Griffiths, Y Teng, L Cheng, H An, S Draper, H Mohr, A Fogliani, ...
International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering 58813 …, 2019
State of art and potentials of Diesel-/gas engines; Technischer Stand und Potentiale von Diesel-/Gasmotoren
H Mohr
Brennstoff-Wärme-Kraft 49, 1997
Hydrodynamic forces on subsea cables immersed in wave boundary layers
Y Teng, T Griffiths, H An, S Draper, G Tang, H Mohr, DJ White, A Fogliani, ...
Coastal Engineering 174, 104101, 2022
Cyclic loading of offshore wind turbine suction bucket foundations in sand: the importance of loading frequency
HE Low, F Zhu, H Mohr, C Erbrich, P Watson, F Bransby, C O’Loughlin, ...
Proc. Int. Symp. Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics (ISFOG) IV, 2020
Multi-Objective Design Optimisation of a Diffuser-Ejector Exhaust Duct for Helicopter Engines
J Gra¨ sel, J Demolis, H Mohr, HP Schiffer
Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air 44021, 757-769, 2010
Characterisation of near-surface sediments using a blend of vertical and shallow rotational penetrometers
DJ White, SA Stanier, H Mohr
Cone Penetration Testing 2022, 258-265, 2022
The variability of marine sediment erodibility with depth: Centimetric scale effects detected from portable erosion flume tests
H Mohr, SA Stanier, DJ White, M Kuo
Applied Ocean Research 113, 102721, 2021
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