Karen Abrinia
Karen Abrinia
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran
E-mail megerősítve itt: ut.ac.ir
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A review of principle and sun-tracking methods for maximizing solar systems output
H Mousazadeh, A Keyhani, A Javadi, H Mobli, K Abrinia, A Sharifi
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 13 (8), 1800-1818, 2009
Parallel tubular channel angular pressing (PTCAP) as a new severe plastic deformation method for cylindrical tubes
G Faraji, A Babaei, MM Mashhadi, K Abrinia
Materials Letters 77, 82-85, 2012
Surface acoustic waves induced micropatterning of cells in gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogels
SM Naseer, A Manbachi, M Samandari, P Walch, Y Gao, YS Zhang, ...
Biofabrication 9 (1), 015020, 2017
A methodology for prediction of forming limit stress diagrams considering the strain path effect
A Assempour, R Hashemi, K Abrinia, M Ganjiani, E Masoumi
Computational materials science 45 (2), 195-204, 2009
Effects of SiC particle size and process parameters on the microstructure and hardness of AZ91/SiC composite layer fabricated by FSP
P Asadi, MKB Givi, K Abrinia, M Taherishargh, R Salekrostam
Journal of materials engineering and performance 20, 1554-1562, 2011
Life-cycle assessment of a Solar Assist Plug-in Hybrid electric Tractor (SAPHT) in comparison with a conventional tractor
H Mousazadeh, A Keyhani, A Javadi, H Mobli, K Abrinia, A Sharifi
Energy conversion and Management 52 (3), 1700-1710, 2011
Review of selective laser melting of magnesium alloys: Advantages, microstructure and mechanical characterizations, defects, challenges, and applications
M Ahmadi, SAAB Tabary, D Rahmatabadi, MS Ebrahimi, K Abrinia, ...
journal of materials research and technology 19, 1537-1562, 2022
3D printing of PLA-TPU with different component ratios: Fracture toughness, mechanical properties, and morphology
D Rahmatabadi, I Ghasemi, M Baniassadi, K Abrinia, M Baghani
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 21, 3970-3981, 2022
Development of a novel method for the backward extrusion
V Shatermashhadi, B Manafi, K Abrinia, G Faraji, M Sanei
Materials & Design (1980-2015) 62, 361-366, 2014
3D microstructural reconstruction of heterogeneous materials from 2D cross sections: A modified phase-recovery algorithm
A Hasanabadi, M Baniassadi, K Abrinia, M Safdari, H Garmestani
Computational Materials Science 111, 107-115, 2016
A comprehensive experimental investigation on 4D printing of PET-G under bending
M Aberoumand, K Soltanmohammadi, E Soleyman, D Rahmatabadi, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 18, 2552-2569, 2022
A two dimensional upper bound analysis of the ring rolling process with experimental and FEM verifications
A Parvizi, K Abrinia
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 79, 176-181, 2014
4D printing of PET-G via FDM including tailormade excess third shape
E Soleyman, M Aberoumand, K Soltanmohammadi, D Rahmatabadi, ...
Manufacturing Letters 33, 1-4, 2022
Development of pure poly vinyl chloride (PVC) with excellent 3D printability and macro‐and micro‐structural properties
D Rahmatabadi, K Soltanmohammadi, M Aberoumand, E Soleyman, ...
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 308 (5), 2200568, 2023
Applicability of a modified backward extrusion process on commercially pure aluminum
SH Hosseini, K Abrinia, G Faraji
Materials & Design (1980-2015) 65, 521-528, 2015
Analysis of the extended stress-based forming limit curve considering the effects of strain path and through-thickness normal stress
R Hashemi, K Abrinia
Materials & Design (1980-2015) 54, 670-677, 2014
New analysis for the FGM thick cylinders under combined pressure and temperature loading
K Abrinia, H Naee, F Sadeghi, F Djavanroodi
American Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (7), 852-859, 2008
Assessment of controllable shape transformation, potential applications, and tensile shape memory properties of 3D printed PETG
E Soleyman, M Aberoumand, D Rahmatabadi, K Soltanmohammadi, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 18, 4201-4215, 2022
Shape memory performance of PETG 4D printed parts under compression in cold, warm, and hot programming
E Soleyman, D Rahmatabadi, K Soltanmohammadi, M Aberoumand, ...
Smart Materials and Structures 31 (8), 085002, 2022
4D printing‐encapsulated polycaprolactone–thermoplastic polyurethane with high shape memory performances
D Rahmatabadi, M Aberoumand, K Soltanmohammadi, E Soleyman, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 25 (6), 2201309, 2023
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