Amanda J. Stewart
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Exploring nonprofit executive turnover
AJ Stewart
Nonprofit Management and Leadership 27 (1), 43-58, 2016
Network connections and competitively awarded funding: The impacts of board network structures and status interlocks on nonprofit organizations’ foundation grant acquisition
L Faulk, J Willems, J McGinnis Johnson, AJ Stewart
Public Management Review 18 (10), 1425-1455, 2016
Toward more targeted capacity building: Diagnosing capacity needs across organizational life stages
FO Andersson, L Faulk, AJ Stewart
VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 27 …, 2016
The nonprofit career ladder: Exploring career paths as leadership development for future nonprofit executives
AJ Stewart, K Kuenzi
Public Personnel Management 47 (4), 359-381, 2018
Turnover at the top: Investigating performance-turnover sensitivity among nonprofit organizations
AJ Stewart, J Diebold
Public Performance & Management Review 40 (4), 741-764, 2017
As you sow, so shall you reap?
L Faulk, AJ Stewart
Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 2016
Executive succession: Closing the gap between ideals and practice
D Tebbe, AJ Stewart, MB Hughes, T Adams
The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership 7 (4), 2017
Nonprofit graduate education: Who gets the degree and why?
K Kuenzi, A Stewart, M Walk
Journal of Public Affairs Education 26 (1), 11-30, 2020
An exploratory study of the nonprofit executive factor: Linking nonprofit financial performance and executive careers
K Kuenzi, AJ Stewart
The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership 7 (4), 2017
COVID-19 as a nonprofit workplace crisis: Seeking insights from the nonprofit workers' perspective
K Kuenzi, AJ Stewart, M Walk
Nonprofit Management and Leadership 31 (4), 821-832, 2021
Exploring board perspectives on non-profit executive turnover
AJ Stewart
Voluntary Sector Review, 2017
Administrative growth and grant payouts in nonprofit foundations: Fulfilling the public good amid professionalization?
AJ Stewart, L Faulk
Public Administration Review 74 (5), 630-639, 2014
Checking in on the state of nonprofit scholarship: A review of recent research
H Minkowitz, A Twumasi, JL Berrett, X Chen, AJ Stewart
Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs 6 (2), 182-208, 2020
Understanding nonprofit professionalization: Common concepts and new directions for research
AJ Stewart
Academy of Management, 1-27, 2014
Should I stay or should I go? Investigating nonprofit sector commitment among nonprofit education alumni
M Walk, A Stewart, K Kuenzi
Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership, 2019
No room for failure: Investigating board leadership in nonprofit executive transitions
AJ Stewart, TH Adams, D McMillian, J Burns
Nonprofit Management and Leadership 31 (3), 525-545, 2021
Evolution of a monitoring and evaluation system in disaster recovery: Learning from the Katrina Aid Today National Case Management Consortium
A Janis, K Stiefel, CC Carbullido
New Directions for Evaluation 126, 65-77, 2010
Competencies and reputation: What appeals to nonprofit graduate alumni?
A Stewart, M Walk, K Kuenzi
Journal of Public Affairs Education 27 (1), 16-33, 2021
Minding the gap: An exploratory study applying theory to nonprofit board management of executive transitions
AJ Stewart, A Twumasi
VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 31 …, 2020
Understanding, context, moderators, and implications of executive turnover in nonprofit organizations
AJ Stewart
American University, 2015
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