Janis Alnis
Janis Alnis
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Hivatkozott rá
A 920-kilometer optical fiber link for frequency metrology at the 19th decimal place
K Predehl, G Grosche, SMF Raupach, S Droste, O Terra, J Alnis, T Legero, ...
Science 336 (6080), 441-444, 2012
Improved Measurement of the Hydrogen Transition Frequency
CG Parthey, A Matveev, J Alnis, B Bernhardt, A Beyer, R Holzwarth, ...
Physical review letters 107 (20), 203001, 2011
Subhertz linewidth diode lasers by stabilization to vibrationally and thermally compensated ultralow-expansion glass Fabry-Pérot cavities
J Alnis, A Matveev, N Kolachevsky, T Udem, TW Hänsch
Physical Review A 77 (5), 053809, 2008
Precision Measurement of the Hydrogen Frequency via a 920-km Fiber Link
A Matveev, CG Parthey, K Predehl, J Alnis, A Beyer, R Holzwarth, T Udem, ...
Physical Review Letters 110 (23), 230801, 2013
Precision Measurement of the Hydrogen-Deuterium Isotope Shift
CG Parthey, A Matveev, J Alnis, R Pohl, T Udem, UD Jentschura, ...
Physical review letters 104 (23), 233001, 2010
Analysis of gas dispersed in scattering media
M Sjöholm, G Somesfalean, J Alnis, S Andersson-Engels, S Svanberg
Optics letters 26 (1), 16-18, 2001
Thermal-noise-limited crystalline whispering-gallery-mode resonator for laser stabilization
J Alnis, A Schliesser, CY Wang, J Hofer, TJ Kippenberg, TW Hänsch
Physical Review A 84 (1), 011804, 2011
Precision spectroscopy of hydrogen and femtosecond laser frequency combs
TW Hänsch, J Alnis, P Fendel, M Fischer, C Gohle, M Herrmann, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2005
Sum-frequency generation with a blue diode laser for mercury spectroscopy at 254 nm
J Alnis, U Gustafsson, G Somesfalean, S Svanberg
Applied Physics Letters 76 (10), 1234-1236, 2000
Hydrogen-deuterium isotope shift: From the -transition frequency to the proton-deuteron charge-radius difference
UD Jentschura, A Matveev, CG Parthey, J Alnis, R Pohl, T Udem, ...
Physical Review A 83 (4), 042505, 2011
Dual-mode temperature compensation technique for laser stabilization to a crystalline whispering gallery mode resonator
I Fescenko, J Alnis, A Schliesser, CY Wang, TJ Kippenberg, TW Hänsch
Optics express 20 (17), 19185-19193, 2012
Measurement of the Hyperfine Interval in Atomic Hydrogen
N Kolachevsky, A Matveev, J Alnis, CG Parthey, SG Karshenboim, ...
Physical review letters 102 (21), 213002, 2009
Precision spectroscopy of the 2S‐4P transition in atomic hydrogen on a cryogenic beam of optically excited 2S atoms
A Beyer, J Alnis, K Khabarova, A Matveev, CG Parthey, DC Yost, R Pohl, ...
Annalen der Physik 525 (8-9), 671-679, 2013
Frequency-modulation spectroscopy with blue diode lasers
U Gustafsson, G Somesfalean, J Alnis, S Svanberg
Applied Optics 39 (21), 3774-3780, 2000
Concentration measurement of gas embedded in scattering media by employing absorption and time-resolved laser spectroscopy
G Somesfalean, M Sjöholm, J Alnis, C af Klinteberg, S Andersson-Engels, ...
Applied optics 41 (18), 3538-3544, 2002
Whispering gallery mode resonator and glucose oxidase based glucose biosensor
I Brice, K Grundsteins, A Atvars, J Alnis, R Viter, A Ramanavicius
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 318, 128004, 2020
Observation of positronium annihilation in the 2S state: towards a new measurement of the 1S-2S transition frequency
DA Cooke, P Crivelli, J Alnis, A Antognini, B Brown, S Friedreich, ...
Hyperfine Interactions 233, 67-73, 2015
Long-path monitoring of NO2 with a 635 nm diode laser using frequency-modulation spectroscopy
G Somesfalean, J Alnis, U Gustafsson, H Edner, S Svanberg
Applied optics 44 (24), 5148-5151, 2005
Laser spectroscopy of free molecular oxygen dispersed in wood materials
J Alnis, B Anderson, M Sjöholm, G Somesfalean, S Svanberg
Applied Physics B 77, 691-695, 2003
Atomic spectroscopy with violet laser diodes
U Gustafsson, J Alnis, S Svanberg
American Journal of Physics 68 (7), 660-664, 2000
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