Christine Böhmer
Christine Böhmer
Professor, Kiel University
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Correlation between Hox code and vertebral morphology in archosaurs
C Böhmer, OWM Rauhut, G Wörheide
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1810), 20150077, 2015
Insectivores and bat (Mammalia) from the late Middle Miocene of Gratkorn (Austria): biostratigraphic and ecologic implications
J Prieto, M Gross, C Böhmer, M Böhme
N Jb Geol Paläont, Abh 258 (1), 107-119, 2010
Shape variation in the craniomandibular system and prevalence of dental problems in domestic rabbits: a case study in evolutionary veterinary science
C Böhmer, E Böhmer
Veterinary sciences 4 (1), 5, 2017
Correlated evolution of neck length and leg length in birds
C Böhmer, O Plateau, R Cornette, A Abourachid
Royal Society open science 6 (5), 181588, 2019
This is my spot: What are the characteristics of the trees excavated by the Black Woodpecker? A case study in two managed French forests
C Puverel, A Abourachid, C Böhmer, JM Leban, M Svoboda, Y Paillet
Forest Ecology and Management 453, 117621, 2019
Anatomical Basis of Differences in Locomotor Behavior in Martens: A Comparison of the Forelimb Musculature Between Two Sympatric Species of Martes
C Böhmer, AC Fabre, M Herbin, S Peigné, A Herrel
The Anatomical Record 301 (3), 449-472, 2018
Convergence in the functional properties of forelimb muscles in carnivorans: adaptations to an arboreal lifestyle?
M Taverne, AC Fabre, M Herbin, A Herrel, S Peigné, C Lacroux, A Lowie, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 125 (2), 250-263, 2018
Correlation between Hox code and vertebral morphology in the mouse: towards a universal model for Synapsida
C Böhmer
Zoological Letters 3 (1), 1-11, 2017
New insights into the vertebral Hox code of archosaurs
C Böhmer, OWM Rauhut, G Wörheide
Evolution & development 17 (5), 258-269, 2015
Homeotic transformations reflect departure from the mammalian ‘rule of seven’ cervical vertebrae in sloths: inferences on the Hox code and morphological …
C Böhmer, E Amson, P Arnold, AH van Heteren, JA Nyakatura
BMC Evolutionary Biology 18, 1-11, 2018
Gulper, ripper and scrapper: anatomy of the neck in three species of vultures
C B÷ hmer, J Prevoteau, O Duriez, A Abourachid
Journal of Anatomy 236 (4), 701-723, 2020
Functional relationship between myology and ecology in carnivores: do forelimb muscles reflect adaptations to prehension?
C Böhmer, AC Fabre, M Taverne, M Herbin, S Peigné, A Herrel
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 127 (3), 661-680, 2019
Modularity of the neck in birds (Aves)
L Terray, O Plateau, A Abourachid, C Böhmer, A Delapré, ...
Evolutionary Biology 47 (2), 97-110, 2020
Dental Eruption Series and Replacement Pattern in Miocene Prosantorhinus (Rhinocerotidae) as Revealed by Macroscopy and X-ray: Implications for Ontogeny …
C Böhmer, K Heissig, GE Rössner
Journal of Mammalian Evolution 23, 265-279, 2016
Defining biominerals and organominerals: Direct and indirect indicators of life. Perry et al., Sedimentary Geology, 201, 157–179
W Altermann, C Böhmer, F Gitter, F Heimann, I Heller, B Läuchli, C Putz
Sedimentary geology 213 (3-4), 150-151, 2009
Atlas of terrestrial mammal limbs
C Böhmer, JC Theil, AC Fabre, A Herrel
CRC Press, 2020
Dental paleopathology in fossil rhinoceroses: etiology and implications
C Böhmer, GE Rössner
Journal of Zoology 304 (1), 3-12, 2018
Deep time perspective on turtle neck evolution: chasing the Hox code by vertebral morphology
C Boehmer, I Werneburg
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 8939, 2017
Pushing the boundary? Testing the “functional elongation hypothesis” of the giraffe's neck
MA Müller, LJF Merten, C Böhmer, JA Nyakatura
Evolution 75 (3), 641-655, 2021
Palaeontological evidence reveals convergent evolution of intervertebral joint types in amniotes
T Wintrich, M Scaal, C Böhmer, R Schellhorn, I Kogan, A van der Reest, ...
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 14106, 2020
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