Geoffroy Mohn
Geoffroy Mohn
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Formation and deformation of hyperextended rift systems: Insights from rift domain mapping in the Bay of Biscay‐Pyrenees
J Tugend, G Manatschal, NJ Kusznir, E Masini, G Mohn, I Thinon
Tectonics 33 (7), 1239-1276, 2014
Necking of continental crust in magma‐poor rifted margins: Evidence from the fossil Alpine Tethys margins
G Mohn, G Manatschal, M Beltrando, E Masini, N Kusznir
Tectonics 31 (1), 2012
Quantification and restoration of extensional deformation along the Western Iberia and Newfoundland rifted margins
E Sutra, G Manatschal, G Mohn, P Unternehr
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14 (8), 2575-2597, 2013
Rapid transition from continental breakup to igneous oceanic crust in the South China Sea
HC Larsen, G Mohn, M Nirrengarten, Z Sun, J Stock, Z Jian, A Klaus, ...
Nature Geoscience 11 (10), 782-789, 2018
Unravelling the interaction between tectonic and sedimentary processes during lithospheric thinning in the Alpine Tethys margins
G Mohn, G Manatschal, O Müntener, M Beltrando, E Masini
International Journal of Earth Sciences 99, 75-101, 2010
The tectono-sedimentary evolution of a hyper-extended rift basin: the example of the Arzacq–Mauléon rift system (Western Pyrenees, SW France)
E Masini, G Manatschal, J Tugend, G Mohn, JM Flament
International Journal of Earth Sciences 103 (6), 1569-1596, 2014
Recognizing remnants of magma-poor rifted margins in high-pressure orogenic belts: The Alpine case study
M Beltrando, G Manatschal, G Mohn, GV Dal Piaz, AV Brovarone, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 131, 88-115, 2014
The Chenaillet Ophiolite in the French/Italian Alps: An ancient analogue for an oceanic core complex?
G Manatschal, D Sauter, AM Karpoff, E Masini, G Mohn, Y Lagabrielle
Lithos 124 (3-4), 169-184, 2011
The Alpine Tethys rifted margins: Reconciling old and new ideas to understand the stratigraphic architecture of magma‐poor rifted margins
E Masini, G Manatschal, G Mohn
Sedimentology 60 (1), 174-196, 2013
The Tell-Rif orogenic system (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and the structural heritage of the southern Tethys margin
R Leprêtre, D Frizon de Lamotte, V Combier, O Gimeno-Vives, G Mohn, ...
BSGF-Earth Sciences Bulletin 189 (2), 10, 2018
Rift-related inheritance in orogens: a case study from the Austroalpine nappes in Central Alps (SE-Switzerland and N-Italy)
G Mohn, G Manatschal, E Masini, O Müntener
International Journal of Earth Sciences 100, 937-961, 2011
The tectono‐sedimentary evolution of a supra‐detachment rift basin at a deep‐water magma‐poor rifted margin: The example of the Samedan Basin preserved in the Err nappe in SE …
E Masini, G Manatschal, G Mohn, JF Ghienne, F Lafont
Basin Research 23 (6), 652-677, 2011
Structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Iberia–Newfoundland hyper-extended rifted margin: a quantitative modelling approach
G Mohn, GD Karner, G Manatschal, CA Johnson
Special Publications 413 (1), 53-89, 2015
The role of rift‐inherited hyper‐extension in Alpine‐type orogens
G Mohn, G Manatschal, M Beltrando, I Haupert
Terra Nova 26 (5), 347-353, 2014
Lateral evolution of the rift-to-drift transition in the South China Sea: Evidence from multi-channel seismic data and IODP Expeditions 367&368 drilling results
W Ding, Z Sun, G Mohn, M Nirrengarten, J Tugend, G Manatschal, J Li
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 531, 115932, 2020
Anatomy and tectono-sedimentary evolution of a rift-related detachment system: The example of the Err detachment (central Alps, SE Switzerland)
E Masini, G Manatschal, G Mohn, P Unternehr
Bulletin 124 (9-10), 1535-1551, 2012
The importance of structural softening for the evolution and architecture of passive margins
T Duretz, B Petri, G Mohn, SM Schmalholz, FL Schenker, O Müntener
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-7, 2016
Extreme Mesozoic crustal thinning in the eastern Iberia margin: The example of the Columbrets Basin (Valencia Trough)
N Etheve, G Mohn, D Frizon de Lamotte, E Roca, J Tugend, ...
Tectonics 37 (2), 636-662, 2018
Causes of late mortality with dual antiplatelet therapy after coronary stents
L Mauri, S Elmariah, RW Yeh, DE Cutlip, PG Steg, S Windecker, ...
European heart journal 37 (4), 378-385, 2016
A case of Ampferer-type subduction and consequences for the Alps and the Pyrenees
A McCarthy, J Tugend, G Mohn, L Candioti, C Chelle-Michou, R Arculus, ...
American Journal of Science 320 (4), 313-372, 2020
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