Tomáą Vejchodský
Tomáą Vejchodský
Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Discrete maximum principle for higher-order finite elements in 1D
T Vejchodský, P ©olín
Mathematics of Computation 76 (260), 1833-1846, 2007
Noise-induced multistability in chemical systems: Discrete versus continuum modeling
A Duncan, S Liao, T Vejchodský, R Erban, R Grima
Physical Review E 91 (4), 042111, 2015
Analysis of a stochastic chemical system close to a SNIPER bifurcation of its mean-field model
R Erban, SJ Chapman, IG Kevrekidis, T Vejchodský
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 70 (3), 984-1016, 2009
Two-sided bounds for eigenvalues of differential operators with applications to Friedrichs', Poincare, trace, and similar constants
I ©ebestová, T Vejchodský
arXiv preprint arXiv:1303.7416, 2013
Guaranteed and locally computable a posteriori error estimate
T Vejchodský
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 26 (3), 525-540, 2006
Tensor methods for parameter estimation and bifurcation analysis of stochastic reaction networks
S Liao, T Vejchodský, R Erban
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 12 (108), 20150233, 2015
Fully computable robust a posteriori error bounds for singularly perturbed reaction–diffusion problems
M Ainsworth, T Vejchodský
Numerische Mathematik 119 (2), 219-243, 2011
Robust error bounds for finite element approximation of reaction–diffusion problems with non-constant reaction coefficient in arbitrary space dimension
M Ainsworth, T Vejchodský
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 281, 184-199, 2014
Modular hp-FEM system HERMES and its application to Maxwell’s equations
T Vejchodský, P ©olín, M Zítka
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Discrete maximum principle for FE solutions of the diffusion-reaction problem on prismatic meshes
A Hannukainen, S Korotov, T Vejchodský
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Complementarity based a posteriori error estimates and their properties
T Vejchodský
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 82 (10), 2033-2046, 2012
Static condensation, partial orthogonalization of basis functions, and ILU preconditioning in the hp-FEM
T Vejchodský, P ©olín
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 218 (1), 192-200, 2008
Chemical reaction systems with a homoclinic bifurcation: an inverse problem
T Plesa, T Vejchodský, R Erban
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Discrete maximum principle for parabolic problems solved by prismatic finite elements
T Vejchodský, S Korotov, A Hannukainen
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On the nonnegativity conservation in semidiscrete parabolic problems
T Vejchodský
Conjugate gradient algorithms and finite element methods, 197-210, 2004
A weak discrete maximum principle for hp-FEM
P ©olín, T Vejchodský
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 209 (1), 54-65, 2007
Local a posteriori error estimator based on the hypercircle method
T Vejchodský
Proc. of the European Congress on Computational Method in Applied Mechanics …, 2004
Adaptive finite element method assisted by stochastic simulation of chemical systems
SL Cotter, T Vejchodsky, R Erban
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 35 (1), B107-B131, 2013
On weakening conditions for discrete maximum principles for linear finite element schemes
A Hannukainen, S Korotov, T Vejchodský
International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Its Applications, 297-304, 2008
Imposing orthogonality to hierarchic higher-order finite elements
P ©olín, T Vejchodský, M Zítka, F Ávila
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 76 (1-3), 211-217, 2007
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