Petr Siegl
Petr Siegl
Institute of Applied Mathematics, TU Graz
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Pseudospectra in non-Hermitian quantum mechanics
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On the metric operator for the imaginary cubic oscillator
P Siegl, D Krejčiřík
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B Mityagin, P Siegl
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H Bergeron, P Siegl, A Youssef
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P Siegl
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PT-symmetric models in curved manifolds
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Hydrogen atom in space with a compactified extra dimension and potential defined by Gauss’ law
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Reviews in Mathematical Physics 26 (1450018), 2014
Remarks on the Convergence of Pseudospectra
S Bögli, P Siegl
Integral Equations and Operator Theory 80 (3), 303-321, 2014
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