Harsh Jhamtani
Harsh Jhamtani
Microsoft Semantic Machines
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Shakespearizing Modern Language Using Copy-Enriched Sequence-to-Sequence Models
H Jhamtani, V Gangal, E Hovy, E Nyberg
Stylistic Variations @ EMNLP 2017, 10, 2017
The gem benchmark: Natural language generation, its evaluation and metrics
S Gehrmann, T Adewumi, K Aggarwal, PS Ammanamanchi, ...
GEM NLG Benchmark 2021, 2021
SPINE: SParse Interpretable Neural Embeddings
A Subramanian, D Pruthi, H Jhamtani, E Hovy, T Berg-Kirkpatrick
AAAI 2018, 2018
Learning to Describe Differences Between Pairs of Similar Images
H Jhamtani, T Berg-Kirkpatrick
EMNLP 2018, 2018
Like hiking? You probably enjoy nature: Persona-grounded Dialog with Commonsense Expansions
BP Majumder, H Jhamtani, T Berg-Kirkpatrick, J McAuley
EMNLP 2020, 2020
Identifying Purchase Intent from Social Posts.
V Gupta, D Varshney, H Jhamtani, D Kedia, S Karwa
ICWSM, 2014
Learning to Explain: Datasets and Models for Identifying Valid Reasoning Chains in Multihop Question-Answering
H Jhamtani, P Clark
EMNLP 2020, 2020
Word-level Language Identification in Bi-lingual Code-switched Texts
H Jhamtani, SK Bhogi, V Raychoudhury
PACLIC, 2014
Learning to generate move-by-move commentary for chess games from large-scale social forum data
H Jhamtani, V Gangal, E Hovy, G Neubig, T Berg-Kirkpatrick
ACL 2018, 2018
Modeling Self-Repetition in Music Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks
H Jhamtani, T Berg-Kirkpatrick
Machine Learning for Music Discovery Workshop. ICML 2019., 2019
Unsupervised enrichment of persona grounded dialog with background stories
BP Majumder, T Berg-Kirkpatrick, J McAuley, H Jhamtani
ACL 2021, 2021
Probabalistic generation of diverse summaries
N Modani, J Dahl, H Jhamtani, BV Srinivasan
US Patent 10,628,474, 2020
Training classification algorithms to predict end-user behavior based on historical conversation data
SP Matam, P Goyal, AR Bhat, H Jhamtani, AR Sinha, K Krishna
US Patent App. 15/462,144, 2018
Identifying suggestive intent in social posts
V Gupta, D Varshney, H Jhamtani, D Kedia, SM Karwa
US Patent 9,299,028, 2016
Charmanteau: Character embedding models for portmanteau creation
V Gangal, H Jhamtani, G Neubig, E Hovy, E Nyberg
EMNLP 2017, 2017
Converting a text sentence to a series of images
SK Dutta, M Gundapuneni, H Jhamtani, S Varma
US Patent 9,633,048, 2017
Propagation of changes in master content to variant content
BV Srinivasan, N Modani, G Hiranandani, H Jhamtani, C Huesler, ...
US Patent 10,102,191, 2018
Investigating Robustness of Dialog Models to Popular Figurative Language Constructs
H Jhamtani, V Gangal, E Hovy, T Berg-Kirkpatrick
EMNLP 2021, 2021
Narrative Text Generation with a Latent Discrete Plan
H Jhamtani, T Berg-Kirkpatrick
Findings of EMNLP 2020, 2020
Target-Guided Dialogue Response Generation Using Commonsense and Data Augmentation
P Gupta, H Jhamtani, JP Bigham
NAACL 2022, 2022
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