Sylvain Girbal
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Hivatkozott rá
Semi-automatic composition of loop transformations for deep parallelism and memory hierarchies
S Girbal, N Vasilache, C Bastoul, A Cohen, D Parello, M Sigler, O Temam
International Journal of Parallel Programming 34 (3), 261-317, 2006
Putting polyhedral loop transformations to work
C Bastoul, A Cohen, S Girbal, S Sharma, O Temam
International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing …, 2003
Facilitating the search for compositions of program transformations
A Cohen, M Sigler, S Girbal, O Temam, D Parello, N Vasilache
Proceedings of the 19th annual international conference on Supercomputing …, 2005
Unisim: An open simulation environment and library for complex architecture design and collaborative development
D August, J Chang, S Girbal, D Gracia-Perez, G Mouchard, DA Penry, ...
IEEE Computer Architecture Letters 6 (2), 45-48, 2007
Predictable flight management system implementation on a multicore processor
G Durrieu, M Faugère, S Girbal, DG Pérez, C Pagetti, W Puffitsch
Embedded Real Time Software (ERTS'14), 2014
GRAPHITE: Polyhedral analyses and optimizations for GCC
S Pop, A Cohen, C Bastoul, S Girbal, GA Silber, N Vasilache
proceedings of the 2006 GCC developers summit 6, 90-91, 2006
On the evaluation of the impact of shared resources in multithreaded COTS processors in time-critical environments
P Radojković, S Girbal, A Grasset, E Quiñones, S Yehia, FJ Cazorla
ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO) 8 (4), 1-25, 2012
TERAFLUX: Harnessing dataflow in next generation teradevices
R Giorgi, RM Badia, F Bodin, A Cohen, P Evripidou, P Faraboschi, ...
Microprocessors and Microsystems 38 (8), 976-990, 2014
Distributed run-time WCET controller for concurrent critical tasks in mixed-critical systems
A Kritikakou, C Rochange, M Faugère, C Pagetti, M Roy, S Girbal, ...
Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Real-Time Networks and …, 2014
Violated dependence analysis
N Vasilache, C Bastoul, A Cohen, S Girbal
Proceedings of the 20th annual international conference on Supercomputing …, 2006
GRAPHITE: Loop optimizations based on the polyhedral model for GCC
S Pop, A Cohen, C Bastoul, S Girbal, GA Silber, N Vasilache
Proc. of the 4þ GCC Developper's Summit, 2006
A polyhedral approach to ease the composition of program transformations
A Cohen, S Girbal, O Temam
European Conference on Parallel Processing, 292-303, 2004
Studying co-running avionic real-time applications on multi-core COTS architectures
J Bin, S Girbal, DG Pérez, A Grasset, A Merigot
Embedded Real Time Software and Systems (ERTS2014), 2014
The TERAFLUX project: Exploiting the dataflow paradigm in next generation teradevices
M Solinas, RM Badia, F Bodin, A Cohen, P Evripidou, P Faraboschi, ...
2013 Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design, 272-279, 2013
DiST: A simple, reliable and scalable method to significantly reduce processor architecture simulation time
S Girbal, G Mouchard, A Cohen, O Temam
ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 31 (1), 1-12, 2003
Reconciling specialization and flexibility through compound circuits
S Yehia, S Girbal, H Berry, O Temam
2009 IEEE 15th International Symposium on High Performance Computer …, 2009
Deterministic platform software for hard real-time systems using multi-core COTS
S Girbal, X Jean, J Le Rhun, DG Pérez, M Gatti
2015 IEEE/AIAA 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), 8D4-1-8D4-15, 2015
DREAMS about reconfiguration and adaptation in avionics
G Durrieu, G Fohler, G Gala, S Girbal, DG Pérez, E Noulard, C Pagetti, ...
ERTS 2016, 2016
A complete toolchain for an interference-free deployment of avionic applications on multi-core systems
S Girbal, DG Pérez, J Le Rhun, M Faugère, C Pagetti, G Durrieu
2015 IEEE/AIAA 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), 7A2-1-7A2-14, 2015
Archexplorer. org: Joint compiler/hardware exploration for fair comparison of architectures
V Desmet, S Girbal, O Temam, BF France
INTERACT workshop at HPCA, 2009
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