Michael Whitehead
Michael Whitehead
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Hivatkozott rá
Plant mating systems often vary widely among populations
MR Whitehead, R Lanfear, RJ Mitchell, JD Karron
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6, 38, 2018
New perspectives on the evolution of plant mating systems
JD Karron, CT Ivey, RJ Mitchell, MR Whitehead, R Peakall, AL Case
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Floral odour chemistry defines species boundaries and underpins strong reproductive isolation in sexually deceptive orchids
R Peakall, MR Whitehead
Annals of Botany 113 (2), 341-355, 2014
A narrow group of monophyletic Tulasnella (Tulasnellaceae) symbiont lineages are associated with multiple species of Chiloglottis (Orchidaceae): Implications for …
SA Roche, RJ Carter, R Peakall, LM Smith, MR Whitehead, CC Linde
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Pollinator specificity drives strong prepollination reproductive isolation in sympatric sexually deceptive orchids
MR Whitehead, R Peakall
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An informational diversity framework, illustrated with sexually deceptive orchids in early stages of speciation
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Integrating floral scent, pollination ecology and population genetics
MR Whitehead, R Peakall
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Testing single-sample estimators of effective population size in genetically structured populations
CE Holleley, RA Nichols, MR Whitehead, AT Adamack, MR Gunn, ...
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Short-term but not long-term patch avoidance in an orchid-pollinating solitary wasp
MR Whitehead, R Peakall
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Evaluating multilocus Bayesian species delimitation for discovery of cryptic mycorrhizal diversity
MR Whitehead, RA Catullo, M Ruibal, KW Dixon, R Peakall, CC Linde
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Mycorrhizal specificity in widespread and narrow-range distributed Caladenia orchid species
FT Oktalira, MR Whitehead, CC Linde
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Pollination by sexual deception promotes outcrossing and mate diversity in self‐compatible clonal orchids
MR Whitehead, CC Linde, R Peakall
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28 (8), 1526-1541, 2015
Specific mycorrhizal associations involving the same fungal taxa in common and threatened Caladenia (Orchidaceae): implications for conservation
N Reiter, RD Phillips, ND Swarts, M Wright, G Holmes, FC Sussmilch, ...
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Floral community predicts pollinators’ color preference: implications for Batesian floral mimicry
MR Whitehead, AC Gaskett, SD Johnson
Behavioral Ecology, 2018
Microdot technology for individual marking of small arthropods
MR Whitehead, R Peakall
Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 2011
Is there evidence of selection in the dopamine receptor D4 gene in Australian invasive starling populations?
LA Rollins, MR Whitehead, AP Woolnough, R Sinclair, WB Sherwin
Current zoology 61 (3), 505-519, 2015
Sexual deception: Coevolution or inescapable exploitation?
J Lehtonen, MR Whitehead
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Pollination: the price of attraction
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Current Biology 22 (17), R680-R682, 2012
Plant mating systems often vary widely among populations. Front Ecol Evol
MR Whitehead, R Lanfear, RJ Mitchell, JD Karron
Induced dispersal in wildlife management: experimental evaluation of the risk of hybrid breakdown and the benefit of hybrid vigor in the F1 generation
CE Holleley, RA Nichols, MR Whitehead, MR Gunn, J Gupta, WB Sherwin
Conservation genetics 12, 31-40, 2011
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