Francisco J. Romero-Campero
Francisco J. Romero-Campero
Associate Professor, Universidad de Sevilla
E-mail megerősítve itt: us.es - Kezdőlap
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
A Model of the Quorum Sensing System in Vibrio fischeri Using P Systems
FJ Romero-Campero, MJ Pérez-Jiménez
Artificial Life 14 (1), 95-109, 2008
On the power of dissolution in P systems with active membranes
MA Gutiérrez–Naranjo, MJ Pérez–Jiménez, A Riscos–Núñez, ...
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MJ Pérez-Jiménez, FJ Romero-Campero
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Photoperiodic Control of Carbon Distribution during the Floral Transition in Arabidopsis
MI Ortiz-Marchena, T Albi, E Lucas-Reina, FE Said, FJ Romero-Campero, ...
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Modelling gene expression control using P systems: The Lac Operon, a case study
FJ Romero-Campero, MJ Pérez-Jiménez
BioSystems 91 (3), 438-457, 2008
The glycerol-dependent metabolic persistence of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 reflects the regulatory logic of the GlpR repressor
PI Nikel, FJ Romero-Campero, JA Zeidman, Á Goñi-Moreno, ...
MBio 6 (2), e00340-15, 2015
H2A monoubiquitination in Arabidopsis thaliana is generally independent of LHP1 and PRC2 activity
Y Zhou, FJ Romero-Campero, Á Gómez-Zambrano, F Turck, M Calonje
Genome biology 18, 1-13, 2017
A uniform solution to SAT using membrane creation
MA Gutiérrez-Naranjo, MJ Pérez-Jiménez, FJ Romero-Campero
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Modular assembly of cell systems biology models using P systems
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MA Gutiérrez-Naranjo, MJ Pérez-Jiménez, FJ Romero-Campero
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A study of the robustness of the EGFR signalling cascade using continuous membrane systems
MJ Pérez Jiménez, FJ Romero Campero
Mechanisms, Symbols, and Models Underlying Cognition. IWINAC 2005. Lecture …, 2005
Simulating FAS-induced apoptosis by using P systems
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Evolution of photoperiod sensing in plants and algae
G Serrano-Bueno, FJ Romero-Campero, E Lucas-Reina, JM Romero, ...
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The Arabidopsis Polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1) components AtBMI1A, B, and C impact gene networks throughout all stages of plant development
W Merini, FJ Romero-Campero, A Gomez-Zambrano, Y Zhou, F Turck, ...
Plant physiology 173 (1), 627-641, 2017
Solving the BinPacking problem by recognizer P systems with active membranes
MJ Pérez Jiménez, FJ Romero Campero
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Structure and parameter estimation for cell systems biology models
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Proceedings of the 10th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2008
Computational efficiency of dissolution rules in membrane systems
MA Gutiérrez-Naranjo, MJ Pérez-Jiménez, A Riscos-Núñez, ...
International Journal of Computer Mathematics 83 (7), 593-611, 2006
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