Fabrizio Balsamo
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Particle size distributions by laser diffraction: sensitivity of granular matter strength to analytical operating procedures
F Storti, F Balsamo
Solid Earth 1 (1), 25-48, 2010
Structural and petrophysical evolution of extensional fault zones in low-porosity, poorly lithified sandstones of the Barreiras Formation, NE Brazil
F Balsamo, F Storti, F Salvini, AT Silva, CC Lima
Journal of Structural Geology 32 (11), 1806-1826, 2010
Neotectonic reactivation of shear zones and implications for faulting style and geometry in the continental margin of NE Brazil
FHR Bezerra, DF Rossetti, RG Oliveira, WE Medeiros, BBB Neves, ...
Tectonophysics 614, 78-90, 2014
Hypogenic origin, geologic controls and functional organization of a giant cave system in Precambrian carbonates, Brazil
A Klimchouk, AS Auler, FHR Bezerra, CL Cazarin, F Balsamo, ...
Geomorphology 253, 385-405, 2016
Grain size and permeability evolution of soft-sediment extensional sub-seismic and seismic fault zones in high-porosity sediments from the Crotone basin, southern Apennines, Italy
F Balsamo, F Storti
Marine and Petroleum Geology 27 (4), 822-837, 2010
Structural control on the formation of iron-oxide concretions and Liesegang bands in faulted, poorly lithified Cenozoic sandstones of the Paraíba Basin, Brazil
F Balsamo, FHR Bezerra, MM Vieira, F Storti
Bulletin 125 (5-6), 913-931, 2013
Structural and thermochronological constraints to the evolution of the West Antarctic Rift System in central Victoria Land
F Storti, ML Balestrieri, F Balsamo, F Rossetti
Tectonics 27 (4), 2008
Structure of a normal seismogenic fault zone in carbonates: the Vado di Corno Fault, Campo Imperatore, Central Apennines (Italy)
M Demurtas, M Fondriest, F Balsamo, L Clemenzi, F Storti, A Bistacchi, ...
Journal of Structural Geology 90, 185-206, 2016
Particle shape evolution in natural carbonate granular wear material
F Storti, F Balsamo, F Salvini
Terra Nova 19 (5), 344-352, 2007
Photogrammetric digital outcrop reconstruction, visualization with textured surfaces, and three-dimensional structural analysis and modeling: Innovative methodologies applied …
A Bistacchi, F Balsamo, F Storti, M Mozafari, R Swennen, J Solum, ...
Geosphere 11 (6), 2031-2048, 2015
Pliocene–Pleistocene HT–LP metamorphism during multiple granitic intrusions in the southern branch of the Larderello geothermal field (southern Tuscany, Italy)
F Rossetti, F Balsamo, IM Villa, M Bouybaouenne, C Faccenna, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 165 (1), 247-262, 2008
Hydraulic properties of fault zones in porous carbonates, examples from central and southern Italy
E Tondi, A Rustichelli, A Cilona, F Balsamo, F Storti, G Napoli, F Agosta, ...
Italian Journal of Geosciences 135 (1), 68-79, 2016
Fluid flow within the damage zone of the Boccheggiano extensional fault (Larderello–Travale geothermal field, central Italy): structures, alteration and implications for …
F Rossetti, L Aldega, F Tecce, F Balsamo, A Billi, M Brilli
Geological Magazine 148 (4), 558-579, 2011
Size-dependent comminution, tectonic mixing, and sealing behavior of a “structurally oversimplified” fault zone in poorly lithified sands: Evidence for a coseismic rupture?
F Balsamo, F Storti
Bulletin 123 (3-4), 601-619, 2011
Fracture characteristics in Cretaceous platform and overlying ramp carbonates: An outcrop study from Maiella Mountain (central Italy)
A Rustichelli, S Torrieri, E Tondi, S Laurita, C Strauss, F Agosta, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 76, 68-87, 2016
Superposed folding and associated fracturing influence hypogene karst development in Neoproterozoic carbonates, São Francisco Craton, Brazil
RA Ennes-Silva, FHR Bezerra, FCC Nogueira, F Balsamo, A Klimchouk, ...
Tectonophysics 666, 244-259, 2016
Fault-related fluid flow history in shallow marine sediments from carbonate concretions, Crotone basin, south Italy
F Balsamo, F Storti, DR Gröcke
Journal of the Geological Society 169 (5), 613-626, 2012
Impact of ephemeral cataclastic fabrics on laser diffraction particle size distribution analysis in loose carbonate fault breccia
F Storti, F Balsamo
Journal of Structural Geology 32 (4), 507-522, 2010
The signature and mechanics of earthquake ruptures along shallow creeping faults in poorly lithified sediments
F Balsamo, L Aldega, N De Paola, I Faoro, F Storti
Geology 42 (5), 435-438, 2014
A way to hydrothermal paroxysm, Colli Albani volcano, Italy
G Vignaroli, L Aldega, F Balsamo, A Billi, AA De Benedetti, L De Filippis, ...
Bulletin 127 (5-6), 672-687, 2015
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