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Endre Czeiter
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Hivatkozott rá
Traumatic brain injury: integrated approaches to improve prevention, clinical care, and research
AIR Maas, DK Menon, PD Adelson, N Andelic, MJ Bell, A Belli, P Bragge, ...
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Case-mix, care pathways, and outcomes in patients with traumatic brain injury in CENTER-TBI: a European prospective, multicentre, longitudinal, cohort study
EW Steyerberg, E Wiegers, C Sewalt, A Buki, G Citerio, V De Keyser, ...
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Neuronal and glial markers are differently associated with computed tomography findings and outcome in patients with severe traumatic brain injury: a case control study
S Mondello, L Papa, A Buki, MR Bullock, E Czeiter, FC Tortella, KK Wang, ...
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Update on protein biomarkers in traumatic brain injury with emphasis on clinical use in adults and pediatrics
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Brain injury biomarkers may improve the predictive power of the IMPACT outcome calculator
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Glial neuronal ratio: a novel index for differentiating injury type in patients with severe traumatic brain injury
S Mondello, A Jeromin, A Buki, R Bullock, E Czeiter, N Kovacs, P Barzo, ...
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Machine learning algorithms performed no better than regression models for prognostication in traumatic brain injury
BY Gravesteijn, D Nieboer, A Ercole, HF Lingsma, D Nelson, ...
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Blood biomarkers on admission in acute traumatic brain injury: relations to severity, CT findings and care path in the CENTER-TBI study
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EBioMedicine 56, 2020
Blood-based protein biomarkers for the management of traumatic brain injuries in adults presenting to emergency departments with mild brain injury: a living systematic review …
S Mondello, A Sorinola, E Czeiter, Z Vámos, K Amrein, A Synnot, ...
Journal of neurotrauma 38 (8), 1086-1106, 2021
Variation in monitoring and treatment policies for intracranial hypertension in traumatic brain injury: a survey in 66 neurotrauma centers participating in the CENTER-TBI study
MC Cnossen, JA Huijben, M Van der Jagt, V Volovici, T Van Essen, ...
Critical Care 21 (1), 1-12, 2017
Traumatic brain injury-induced autoregulatory dysfunction and spreading depression-related neurovascular uncoupling: Pathomechanisms, perspectives, and therapeutic implications
P Toth, N Szarka, E Farkas, E Ezer, E Czeiter, K Amrein, Z Ungvari, ...
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 311 (5 …, 2016
Effect of PACAP in central and peripheral nerve injuries
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Traumatic Brain Injury Impairs Myogenic Constriction of Cerebral Arteries: Role of Mitochondria-Derived H2O2 and TRPV4-Dependent Activation of BKca Channels
N Szarka, MR Pabbidi, K Amrein, E Czeiter, G Berta, K Pohoczky, ...
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Circulating brain injury exosomal proteins following moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury: temporal profile, outcome prediction and therapy implications
S Mondello, VA Guedes, C Lai, E Czeiter, K Amrein, F Kobeissy, ...
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Variation in neurosurgical management of traumatic brain injury: a survey in 68 centers participating in the CENTER-TBI study
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Aquaporin-4 distribution in control and stressed astrocytes in culture and in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with traumatic brain injuries
M Lo Pizzo, G Schiera, I Di Liegro, CM Di Liegro, J Pál, E Czeiter, ...
Neurological Sciences 34, 1309-1314, 2013
Pathological computed tomography features associated with adverse outcomes after mild traumatic brain injury: a TRACK-TBI study with external validation in CENTER-TBI
EL Yuh, S Jain, X Sun, D Pisică, MH Harris, SR Taylor, AJ Markowitz, ...
JAMA neurology 78 (9), 1137-1148, 2021
Predictors of post-traumatic pituitary failure during long-term follow-up
O Nemes, N Kovacs, E Czeiter, P Kenyeres, Z Tarjanyi, L Bajnok, A Buki, ...
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Risk factors of external ventricular drain infection: proposing a model for future studies
A Sorinola, A Buki, J Sandor, E Czeiter
Frontiers in neurology 10, 226, 2019
Traumatic axonal injury in the spinal cord evoked by traumatic brain injury
E Czeiter, J Pal, E Kovesdi, P Bukovics, J Luckl, T Doczi, A Buki
Journal of neurotrauma 25 (3), 205-213, 2008
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