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Effects of annealing on properties of ZnO thin films prepared by electrochemical deposition in chloride medium
O Lupan, T Pauporté, L Chow, B Viana, F Pellé, LK Ono, BR Cuenya, ...
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Electrodeposition of semiconductors for optoelectronic devices: results on zinc oxide
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Low‐voltage UV‐electroluminescence from ZnO‐Nanowire array/p‐GaN light‐emitting diodes
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Heteroepitaxial electrodeposition of zinc oxide films on gallium nitride
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Well-aligned arrays of vertically oriented ZnO nanowires electrodeposited on ITO-coated glass and their integration in dye sensitized solar cells
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Silver-doped zinc oxide single nanowire multifunctional nanosensor with a significant enhancement in response
O Lupan, V Cretu, V Postica, M Ahmadi, BR Cuenya, L Chow, I Tiginyanu, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 223, 893-903, 2016
A TD-DFT investigation of ground and excited state properties in indoline dyes used for dye-sensitized solar cells
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Hydrogen peroxide oxygen precursor for zinc oxide electrodeposition I. Deposition in perchlorate medium
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Electrodeposited mesoporous ZnO thin films as efficient photocatalysts for the degradation of dye pollutants
T Pauporte, J Rathouský
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New insight in the behaviour of Co–H2O system at 25–150 C, based on revised Pourbaix diagrams
J Chivot, L Mendoza, C Mansour, T Pauporté, M Cassir
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Wavelength‐emission tuning of ZnO nanowire‐based light‐emitting diodes by Cu doping: experimental and computational insights
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Hydrogen peroxide oxygen precursor for zinc oxide electrodeposition II—Mechanistic aspects
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Toward laser emission of epitaxial nanorod arrays of ZnO grown by electrodeposition
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Highly sensitive and selective hydrogen single-nanowire nanosensor
O Lupan, L Chow, T Pauporté, LK Ono, BR Cuenya, G Chai
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Well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays prepared by seed-layer-free electrodeposition and their Cassie− Wenzel transition after hydrophobization
T Pauporté, G Bataille, L Joulaud, FJ Vermersch
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Cathodic electrodeposition of ZnO/eosin Y hybrid thin films from oxygen-saturated aqueous solution of ZnCl2 and eosin Y
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Epitaxial electrodeposition of ZnO nanowire arrays on p-GaN for efficient UV-light-emitting diode fabrication
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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2 (7), 2083-2090, 2010
Electrochemical nitric oxide microsensors: sensitivity and selectivity characterisation
M Pontié, C Gobin, T Pauporté, F Bedioui, J Devynck
Analytica Chimica Acta 411 (1-2), 175-185, 2000
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