Matthieu Harlaux
Matthieu Harlaux
Assistant Professor - University of Nevada, Reno
E-mail megerősítve itt: unr.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
40 Ma of hydrothermal W mineralization during the Variscan orogenic evolution of the French Massif Central revealed by U-Pb dating of wolframite
M Harlaux, RL Romer, J Mercadier, C Morlot, C Marignac, M Cuney
Mineralium Deposita 53 (1), 21-51, 2018
Tracing metal sources in peribatholitic hydrothermal W deposits based on the chemical composition of wolframite: The example of the Variscan French Massif Central
M Harlaux, J Mercadier, C Marignac, C Peiffert, C Cloquet, M Cuney
Chemical Geology 479, 58-85, 2018
Geochemical signature of magmatic-hydrothermal fluids exsolved from the Beauvoir rare-metal granite (Massif Central, France): Insights from LA-ICPMS analysis of primary fluid …
M Harlaux, J Mercadier, WME Bonzi, V Kremer, C Marignac, M Cuney
Geofluids 2017, 2017
Raman spectra of Ni–Mg kerolite: effect of Ni–Mg substitution on O–H stretching vibrations
M Cathelineau, MC Caumon, F Massei, D Brie, M Harlaux
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 46 (10), 933-940, 2015
The world-class Nanling metallogenic belt (Jiangxi, China): W and Sn deposition at 160 Ma followed by 30 my of hydrothermal metal redistribution
H Legros, M Harlaux, J Mercadier, RL Romer, M Poujol, A Camacho, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 117, 103302, 2020
Nb-Ti-Y-HREE-W-U oxide minerals with uncommon compositions associated with the tungsten mineralization in the Puy-les-Vignes deposit (Massif Central, France): evidence for rare …
M Harlaux, C Marignac, M Cuney, J Mercadier, R Magott, B Mouthier
The Canadian Mineralogist 53 (4), 653-672, 2015
Origin of the atypical Puy-les-Vignes W breccia pipe (Massif Central, France) constrained by trace element and boron isotopic composition of tourmaline
M Harlaux, J Mercadier, C Marignac, J Villeneuve, B Mouthier, M Cuney
Ore Geology Reviews 114, 103132, 2019
Capabilities of sequential and quasi-simultaneous LA-ICPMS for the multi-element analysis of small quantity of liquids (pl to nl): insights from fluid inclusion analysis
M Harlaux, O Borovinskaya, DA Frick, D Tabersky, S Gschwind, A Richard, ...
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 30 (9), 1945-1969, 2015
Tourmaline as a tracer of late-magmatic to hydrothermal fluid evolution: the world-class San Rafael tin (-copper) deposit, Peru
M Harlaux, K Kouzmanov, S Gialli, O Laurent, A Rielli, A Dini, A Chauvet, ...
Economic Geology 115 (8), 1665-1697, 2020
Tungsten and rare-metal (Nb, Ta, Sn) hydrothermal metallogenic systems in the late-variscan orogenic context: example of the French Massif Central
M Harlaux
http://docnum.univ-lorraine.fr/public/DDOC_T_2016_0206_HARLAUX.pdf, 576 p, 2016
Fluid mixing as primary trigger for cassiterite deposition: Evidence from in situ δ18O-δ11B analysis of tourmaline from the world-class San Rafael tin (-copper) deposit, Peru
M Harlaux, K Kouzmanov, S Gialli, K Marger, AS Bouvier, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 563, 116889, 2021
Insights into B-Mg-metasomatism at the Ranger U deposit (NT, Australia) and comparison with Canadian unconformity-related U deposits
J Gigon, RG Skirrow, M Harlaux, A Richard, J Mercadier, IR Annesley, ...
Minerals 9 (7), 432, 2019
Development and Re‐Evaluation of Tourmaline Reference Materials for In Situ Measurement of Boron δ Values by Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
K Marger, M Harlaux, A Rielli, LP Baumgartner, A Dini, BL Dutrow, ...
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 44 (3), 593-615, 2020
The Puy-les-Vignes breccia pipe (Massif Central, France): a unique occurrence of polymetallic W-Nb±Ta-HREE-Bi-Cu-As±Au-Ag mineralization in the Variscan belt
M Harlaux, C Marignac, M Cuney, J Mercadier
Proceedings of the 13th Biennial SGA Meeting, 24–27 August 2015, Nancy …, 2015
Chemical and boron isotope composition of tourmaline from the Kiaka orogenic gold deposit (Burkina Faso, West African Craton) as a proxy for ore-forming processes
J Gauriau, M Harlaux, AS André-Mayer, A Eglinger, A Richard, A Fontaine, ...
Mineralium Deposita, 1-20, 2020
U/Pb geochronology of wolframite by LA-ICP-MS; mineralogical constraints, analytical procedures, data interpretation, and comparison with ID-TIMS
PA Carr, J Mercadier, M Harlaux, RL Romer, E Moreira, H Legros, ...
Chemical Geology 584, 120511, 2021
Alluvial record of an early Eocene hyperthermal within the Castissent Formation, the Pyrenees, Spain
L Honegger, T Adatte, JE Spangenberg, JKC Rugenstein, ...
Climate of the Past 16 (1), 227-243, 2020
Magmatic-hydrothermal transition traced by in situ tourmaline analysis at the San Rafael tin deposit, Peru
M Harlaux, K Kouzmanov, S Gialli, O Laurent, K Marger, L Baumgartner, ...
Goldschmidt 2018, 2018
The upper Oligocene San Rafael intrusive complex (Eastern Cordillera, southeast Peru), host of the largest-known high-grade tin deposit
M Harlaux, K Kouzmanov, S Gialli, AH Clark, O Laurent, G Corthay, ...
Lithos 400, 106409, 2021
Cassiterite deposition triggered by fluid mixing: Evidence from in-situ δ18O-δ11B analysis of tourmaline from the San Rafael tin deposit, Peru
M Harlaux, K Kouzmanov, S Gialli, L Fontboté, K Marger, AS Bouvier, ...
Proceedings of the 15th Biennial SGA Meeting, 27-30 August 2019, Glasgow …, 2019
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