Thanasis Georgiou
Thanasis Georgiou
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Field-effect tunneling transistor based on vertical graphene heterostructures
L Britnell, RV Gorbachev, R Jalil, BD Belle, F Schedin, A Mishchenko, ...
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Strong light-matter interactions in heterostructures of atomically thin films
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Vertical field-effect transistor based on graphene–WS2 heterostructures for flexible and transparent electronics
T Georgiou, R Jalil, BD Belle, L Britnell, RV Gorbachev, SV Morozov, ...
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Raman-scattering measurements and first-principles calculations of strain-induced phonon shifts in monolayer MoS
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Electronic properties of graphene encapsulated with different two-dimensional atomic crystals
AV Kretinin, Y Cao, JS Tu, GL Yu, R Jalil, KS Novoselov, SJ Haigh, ...
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Control of Radiation Damage in MoS2 by Graphene Encapsulation
R Zan, QM Ramasse, R Jalil, T Georgiou, U Bangert, KS Novoselov
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Graphene bubbles with controllable curvature
T Georgiou, L Britnell, P Blake, RV Gorbachev, A Gholinia, AK Geim, ...
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Heterostructures produced from nanosheet-based inks
F Withers, H Yang, L Britnell, AP Rooney, E Lewis, A Felten, CR Woods, ...
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Photoelectrochemistry of Pristine Mono- and Few-Layer MoS2
M Velický, MA Bissett, CR Woods, PS Toth, T Georgiou, IA Kinloch, ...
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Graphene oxide dielectric permittivity at GHz and its applications for wireless humidity sensing
X Huang, T Leng, T Georgiou, J Abraham, R Raveendran Nair, ...
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Exfoliation of natural van der Waals heterostructures to a single unit cell thickness
M Velický, PS Toth, AM Rakowski, AP Rooney, A Kozikov, CR Woods, ...
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Multiplexed biomimetic lipid membranes on graphene by dip-pen nanolithography
M Hirtz, A Oikonomou, T Georgiou, H Fuchs, A Vijayaraghavan
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Electron transfer kinetics on natural crystals of MoS 2 and graphite
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Measurement of filling-factor-dependent magnetophonon resonances in graphene using Raman spectroscopy
Y Kim, JM Poumirol, A Lombardo, NG Kalugin, T Georgiou, YJ Kim, ...
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Tunable D peak in gated graphene
A Ott, IA Verzhbitskiy, J Clough, A Eckmann, T Georgiou, C Casiraghi
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Chlorosulfuric acid-assisted production of functional 2D materials
MM Gudarzi, M Asaad, B Mao, G Pinter, J Guo, M Smith, X Zhong, ...
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High Angle Dark Field Imaging of Two-Dimensional Crystals
R Zan, QM Ramasse, R Jalil, T Georgiou, U Bangert, KS Novoselov
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Chlorosulfuric acid-assisted production of functional 2D materials
M Moazzami Gudarzi, M Asaad, B Mao, G Pinter, J Guo, M Smith, X Zhong, ...
npj 2D Materials and Applications 5 (1), 35, 2021
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