Hans-Joachim Kümpel
Hans-Joachim Kümpel
Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Poroelasticity: parameters reviewed
HJ Kümpel
Geophysical Journal International 105 (3), 783-799, 1991
Poroelasticity: Efficient modeling of strongly coupled, slow deformation processes in multilayered half-space
R Wang, HJ Kümpel
Geophysics 68 (2), 705-717, 2003
Fluid induced seismicity guided by a continental fault: Injection experiment of 2004/2005 at the German Deep Drilling Site (KTB)
SA Shapiro, J Kummerow, C Dinske, G Asch, E Rothert, J Erzinger, ...
Geophysical research letters 33 (1), 2006
Neural network modelling and classification of lithofacies using well log data: a case study from KTB borehole site
S Maiti, R Krishna Tiwari, HJ Kümpel
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Search for earthquake precursors in well water levels in a localized seismically active area of reservoir triggered earthquakes in India
RK Chadha, AP Pandey, HJ Kuempel
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Coseismic well-level changes due to the 1992 Roermond earthquake compared to static deformation of half-space solutions
G Grecksch, F Roth, HJ Kümpel
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About the potential of wells to reflect stress variations within inhomogeneous crust
HJ Kümpel
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Variability of geophysical log data and the signature of crustal heterogeneities at the KTB
S Leonardi, HJ Kümpel
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RK Chadha, HK Gupta, HJ Kumpel, P Mandal, AN Rao, N Kumar, ...
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HJ Kümpel, K Lehmann, M Fabian, G Mentes
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Pore pressure studies initiated in area of reservoir‐induced earthquakes in India
HK Gupta, I Radhakrishna, RK Chadha, HJ Kümpel, G Grecksch
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HJ Kümpel
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J Campbell, HJ Kümpel, M Fabian, D Fischer, B Görres, CJ Keysers, ...
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G Grecksch, HJ Kümpel
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Fractal variability in superdeep borehole—Implications for the signature of crustal heterogeneities
S Leonardi, HJ Kümpel
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Ground tilt induced by pumping–preliminary results from the Nagycenk test site, Hungary
HJ Kümpel, P Varga, K Lehmann, G Mentes
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U Polom, I Arsyad, HJ Kümpel
Advances in Geosciences 14, 135-140, 2008
Hydraulic observations from a 1 year fluid production test in the 4000 m deep KTB pilot borehole
W Gräsle, W Kessels, HJ Kümpel, X Li
Geofluids 6 (1), 8-23, 2006
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