Jean-Luc Vay
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Hivatkozott rá
Multi-GeV electron beams from capillary-discharge-guided subpetawatt laser pulses in the self-trapping regime
WP Leemans, AJ Gonsalves, HS Mao, K Nakamura, C Benedetti, ...
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Simulation of beams or plasmas crossing at relativistic velocity
JL Vay
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R Lehe, M Kirchen, IA Andriyash, BB Godfrey, JL Vay
Computer Physics Communications 203, 66-82, 2016
Noninvariance of space-and time-scale ranges under a Lorentz transformation and the implications for the study of relativistic interactions
JL Vay
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DP Grote, A Friedman, JL Vay, I Haber
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JL Vay, DP Grote, RH Cohen, A Friedman
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Two-color laser-ionization injection
LL Yu, E Esarey, CB Schroeder, JL Vay, C Benedetti, CGR Geddes, ...
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JL Vay, I Haber, BB Godfrey
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JL Vay, CGR Geddes, E Cormier-Michel, DP Grote
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JL Vay, A Almgren, J Bell, L Ge, DP Grote, M Hogan, O Kononenko, ...
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2020 roadmap on plasma accelerators
F Albert, ME Couprie, A Debus, MC Downer, J Faure, A Flacco, LA Gizzi, ...
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F Alexander, A Almgren, J Bell, A Bhattacharjee, J Chen, P Colella, ...
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SG Rykovanov, CGR Geddes, JL Vay, CB Schroeder, E Esarey, ...
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 47 (23), 234013, 2014
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L Chopineau, A Leblanc, G Blaclard, A Denoeud, M Thévenet, JL Vay, ...
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New developments in WARP: Progress toward end-to-end simulation
DP Grote, A Friedman, I Haber, W Fawley, JL Vay
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Applying the roofline performance model to the intel xeon phi knights landing processor
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High Performance Computing: ISC High Performance 2016 International …, 2016
Numerical stability of relativistic beam multidimensional PIC simulations employing the Esirkepov algorithm
BB Godfrey, JL Vay
Journal of Computational Physics 248, 33-46, 2013
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