Monika Ivandic
Monika Ivandic
Dept of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University
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Hivatkozott rá
Monitoring and volumetric estimation of injected CO2 using 4D seismic, petrophysical data, core measurements and well logging: a case study at Ketzin, Germany
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Carbon Neutral Baltic Sea Region by 2050: Myth or Reality?
A Shogenova, N Nordback, D Sopher, K Shogenov, A Niemi, C Juhlin, ...
Available at SSRN 3817722, 2021
Reassessing the lithosphere: SeisDARE, an open-access seismic data repository
I DeFelipe, J Alcalde, M Ivandic, D Martí, M Ruiz, I Marzán, J Diaz, ...
Earth System Science Data 13 (3), 1053-1071, 2021
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