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Sabrina Neugebauer
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Challenges in life cycle assessment: An overview of current gaps and research needs
M Finkbeiner, R Ackermann, V Bach, M Berger, G Brankatschk, YJ Chang, ...
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Enhancing the practical implementation of life cycle sustainability assessment–proposal of a tiered approach
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Addressing sustainability and flexibility in manufacturing via smart modular machine tool frames to support sustainable value creation
B Peukert, S Benecke, J Clavell, S Neugebauer, NF Nissen, E Uhlmann, ...
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Environmental and social life cycle assessment of welding technologies
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From life cycle costing to economic life cycle assessment—introducing an economic impact pathway
S Neugebauer, S Forin, M Finkbeiner
Sustainability 8 (5), 428, 2016
Impact pathways to address social well-being and social justice in SLCA—fair wage and level of education
S Neugebauer, M Traverso, R Scheumann, YJ Chang, K Wolf, ...
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Multi-criteria decision making as a tool for sustainable product development–Benefits and obstacles
T Buchert, S Neugebauer, S Schenker, K Lindow, R Stark
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How sustainable are sustainability conferences?–Comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of an international conference series in Europe
S Neugebauer, M Bolz, R Mankaa, M Traverso
Journal of Cleaner Production 242, 118516, 2020
Calculation of Fair wage potentials along products' life cycle–Introduction of a new midpoint impact category for social life cycle assessment
S Neugebauer, Y Emara, C Hellerström, M Finkbeiner
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Different paths in social life cycle impact assessment (S-LCIA)—a classification of type II impact pathway approaches
S Sureau, S Neugebauer, WMJ Achten
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Assessing carbon dioxide emission reduction potentials of improved manufacturing processes using multiregional input output frameworks
H Ward, M Burger, YJ Chang, P Fürstmann, S Neugebauer, A Radebach, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 163, 154-165, 2017
End-of-life modelling in life cycle assessment—material or product-centred perspective?
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Benefits and obstacles of sustainable product development methods: a case study in the field of urban mobility
R Stark, T Buchert, S Neugebauer, J Bonvoisin, M Finkbeiner
Design Science 3, 2017
Sustainable product service systems–from concept creation to the detailing of a business model for a bicycle sharing system in Berlin
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First Life Cycle Impact Considerations of Two Wave Energy Converters
D Curto, S Neugebauer, A Viola, M Traverso, V Franzitta, M Trapanese
2018 OCEANS-MTS/IEEE Kobe Techno-Oceans (OTO), 1-5, 2018
Ökobilanz nach ISO 14040/44 für das Multirecycling von Stahl
S Neugebauer, M Finkbeiner
Online verfügbar unter http://www. stahl-online. de//wp-content/uploads/2013 …, 2012
Life cycle sustainability assessment approaches for manufacturing
YJ Chang, S Neugebauer, A Lehmann, R Scheumann, M Finkbeiner
Sustainable Manufacturing, 221-237, 2017
Design and manufacturing of a sustainable pedelec
T Buchert, JG Steingrímsson, S Neugebauer, M Galeitzke, N Oertwig, ...
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Selection criteria for suitable indicators for value creation starting with a look at the environmental dimension
K Wolf, R Scheumann, N Minkov, YJ Chang, S Neugebauer, M Finkbeiner
Procedia CIRP 26, 24-29, 2015
Life cycle sustainability assessment & sustainable product development: A case study on pedal electric cycles (Pedelec)
S Neugebauer, YJ Chang, M Maliszewski, K Lindow, R Stark, ...
Proceedings of the 11th global conference on sustainable manufacturing …, 2013
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