Steve Quenette
Steve Quenette
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Hivatkozott rá
Computational approaches to studying non-linear dynamics of the crust and mantle
L Moresi, S Quenette, V Lemiale, C Meriaux, B Appelbe, HB Mühlhaus
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 163 (1-4), 69-82, 2007
A window for plate tectonics in terrestrial planet evolution?
C O’Neill, A Lenardic, M Weller, L Moresi, S Quenette, S Zhang
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Operation of the Australian Store. Synchrotron for macromolecular crystallography
GR Meyer, D Aragão, NJ Mudie, TT Caradoc-Davies, S McGowan, ...
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Next-generation sequencing: a challenge to meet the increasing demand for training workshops in Australia
NS Watson-Haigh, CA Shang, M Haimel, M Kostadima, R Loos, ...
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Explaining StGermain: An aspect oriented environment for building extensible computational mechanics modeling software
S Quenette, L Moresi, PD Sunter, BF Appelbe
2007 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 1-8, 2007
Development and evaluation of an iPad app for measuring the cost of a nutritious diet
C Palermo, D Perera-Schulz, A Kannan, H Truby, A Shiell, S Emilda, ...
JMIR mHealth and uHealth 2 (4), e3314, 2014
Thermal insulation and geothermal targeting, with specific reference to coal-bearing basins
TJ Rawling, M Sandiford, GR Beardsmore, S Quenette, SH Goyen, ...
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 60 (8), 817-830, 2013
An investigation into design for performance and code maintainability in high performance computing
SM Quenette, BF Appelbe, M Gurnis, LJ Hodkinson, L Moresi, PD Sunter
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Underworld-GT applied to Guangdong, a tool to explore the geothermal potential of the crust
S Quenette, Y Xi, J Mansour, L Moresi, D Abramson
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Models based experimentation: numerical modelling of 3D basin scale architecture heat & fluid flow
SM Quenette, LN Moresi
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2010, V23D-08, 2010
gLucifer: next generation visualization framework for high-performance computational geodynamics
DR Stegman, L Moresi, R Turnbull, J Giordani, P Sunter, A Lo, S Quenette
Visual Geosciences 13 (1), 71-84, 2008
Development of a cloud-based Bioinformatics Training Platform
J Revote, NS Watson-Haigh, S Quenette, B Bethwaite, A McGrath, ...
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GeoFramework: A modeling framework for solid earth geophysics
M Gurnis, M Aivazis, J Tromp, E Tan, P Thoutireddy, Q Liu, E Choi, ...
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Underworld2: Python geodynamics modelling for desktop, hpc and cloud
J Mansour, J Giordani, L Moresi, R Beucher, O Kaluza, M Velic, ...
The Open Journal, 2020
Numerical analysis of the role of radiogenic basement on temperature distribution in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Québec
H Liu, B Giroux, LB Harris, SM Quenette, J Mansour
Geothermal Energy 6 (1), 1-26, 2018
Scientific software frameworks and grid computing
B Appelbe, L Moresi, S Quenette, P Simter
Grid-Based Problem Solving Environments, 401-413, 2007
Towards rapid geoscience model development-the snark project
B Appelbe, D May, S Quenette, S Tang, F Wang, L Moresi
Proceedings of 3rd ACES (APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation) Workshop, 2002
StgDomain—scalable parallel domain software components for particle‐in‐cell finite element methods
S Quenette, L Hodkinson
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 22 (12), 1593-1603, 2010
Geodynamic benchmarking tests in HPC
R Farrington, L Moresi, S Quenette, R Turnbull, P Sunter
Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing, 2005
Is it hot enough down there? Assessing geothermal potential in the Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin.
C Danis, C O’Neill, S Quenette
ASEG Extended Abstracts 2012 (1), 1-3, 2012
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