Robyn Wright
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Marine plastic debris: a new surface for microbial colonization
RJ Wright, G Erni-Cassola, V Zadjelovic, M Latva, JA Christie-Oleza
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (19), 11657-11672, 2020
Understanding microbial community dynamics to improve optimal microbiome selection
RJ Wright, MI Gibson, JA Christie-Oleza
Microbiome 7 (1), 1-14, 2019
Food or just a free ride? A meta-analysis reveals the global diversity of the Plastisphere
RJ Wright, MGI Langille, TR Walker
The ISME journal 15 (3), 789-806, 2021
Early Colonization of Weathered Polyethylene by Distinct Bacteria in Marine Coastal Seawater
G Erni-Cassola, RJ Wright, MI Gibson, JA Christie-Oleza
Microbial Ecology, 1-10, 2019
Microbiome differential abundance methods produce different results across 38 datasets
JT Nearing, GM Douglas, MG Hayes, J MacDonald, DK Desai, N Allward, ...
Nature Communications 13, 2022
Plasticizer degradation by marine bacterial isolates: a proteogenomic and metabolomic characterization
RJ Wright, R Bosch, MI Gibson, JA Christie-Oleza
Environmental science & technology 54 (4), 2244-2256, 2020
A multi-OMIC characterisation of biodegradation and microbial community succession within the PET plastisphere
RJ Wright, R Bosch, MGI Langille, MI Gibson, JA Christie-Oleza
Microbiome 9 (141), 1-22, 2021
Microbiome differential abundance methods produce disturbingly different results across 38 datasets
JT Nearing, GM Douglas, M Hayes, J MacDonald, D Desai, N Allward, ...
BioRxiv, 2021
Contaminants, pollution and potential anthropogenic impacts in Chagos/BIOT
JW Readman, F DeLuna, R Ebinghaus, AN Guzman, ARG Price, ...
Coral Reefs of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories, 283-298, 2013
Damage repair versus aging in an individual-based model of biofilms
RJ Wright, RJ Clegg, TLR Coker, JU Kreft
Msystems 5 (5), e00018-20, 2020
Current Research on Microbe-Plastic Interactions in the Marine Environment
M Latva, V Zadjelovic, RJ Wright
Preprints, 2021
Microbial pioneers of plastic colonisation in coastal seawaters
M Latva, CJ Dedman, RJ Wright, M Polin, JA Christie-Oleza
Marine Pollution Bulletin 179, 113701, 2022
From defaults to databases: parameter and database choice dramatically impact the performance of metagenomic taxonomic classification tools
RJ Wright, AM Comeau, MGI Langille
bioRxiv, 2022
Food Or Just a Free Ride?: Exploring Marine Microbial Community Dynamics on Natural and Synthetic Polymers
RJ Wright
University of Warwick, 2019
Multi-omic evidence of plastic debris degradation by marine microorganisms
RJ Wright, R Bosch, MGI Langille, MI Gibson, JA Christie-Oleza
Bacterial coping mechanisms for aging: using an individual-based model to study aging in biofilms
R Wright, R Clegg, JU Kreft
Access Microbiology 1 (1A), 367, 2019
Food or a free ride? The ability of a marine microbial community to degrade plastics
R Wright, M Gibson, J Christie-Oleza
Access Microbiology 1 (1A), 320, 2019
Can a microbial community be artificially evolved to degrade plastic?
RJ Wright, MI Gibson, JA Christie-Oleza
MICRO 2018. Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and …, 2018
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