Gopala Krishna Anumanchipalli
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Speech synthesis from neural decoding of spoken sentences
GK Anumanchipalli, J Chartier, EF Chang
Nature 568 (7753), 493-498, 2019
Neuroprosthesis for decoding speech in a paralyzed person with anarthria
DA Moses, SL Metzger, JR Liu, GK Anumanchipalli, JG Makin, PF Sun, ...
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Encoding of articulatory kinematic trajectories in human speech sensorimotor cortex
J Chartier, GK Anumanchipalli, K Johnson, EF Chang
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Development of Indian language speech databases for large vocabulary speech recognition systems
R Kumar, S Kishore, A Gopalakrishna, R Chitturi, S Joshi, S Singh, ...
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Generalizable spelling using a speech neuroprosthesis in an individual with severe limb and vocal paralysis
SL Metzger, JR Liu, DA Moses, ME Dougherty, MP Seaton, KT Littlejohn, ...
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Brain2char: a deep architecture for decoding text from brain recordings
P Sun, GK Anumanchipalli, EF Chang
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Conquest—an open-source dialog system for conferences
D Bohus, SG Puerto, D Huggins-Daines, V Keri, G Krishna, R Kumar, ...
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High-resolution, non-invasive imaging of upper vocal tract articulators compatible with human brain recordings
KE Bouchard, DF Conant, GK Anumanchipalli, B Dichter, ...
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Intent transfer in speech-to-speech machine translation
GK Anumanchipalli, LC Oliveira, AW Black
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Festvox: Tools for creation and analyses of large speech corpora
GK Anumanchipalli, K Prahallad, AW Black
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Unsupervised learning of spatiotemporal interictal discharges in focal epilepsy
MO Baud, JK Kleen, GK Anumanchipalli, LS Hamilton, YL Tan, ...
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Toward a speech neuroprosthesis
EF Chang, GK Anumanchipalli
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A high-performance neuroprosthesis for speech decoding and avatar control
SL Metzger, KT Littlejohn, AB Silva, DA Moses, MP Seaton, R Wang, ...
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GK Anumanchipalli, K Prahallad, AW Black
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Klattstat: Knowledge-based Statistical parametric speech synthesis
G Anumanchipalli, Y Cheng, J Fernandez, X Hunag, Q Mao, A Black
Proc. SSW7, 2010
Text to speech in new languages without a standardized orthography
S Sitaram, GK Anumanchipalli, J Chiu, A Parlikar, AW Black
Eighth ISCA Workshop on Speech Synthesis, 2013
A statistical phrase/accent model for intonation modeling
GK Anumanchipalli, LC Oliveira, AW Black
Twelfth Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, 2011
Deep speech synthesis from articulatory representations
P Wu, S Watanabe, L Goldstein, AW Black, GK Anumanchipalli
arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.06337, 2022
Adaptation techniques for speech synthesis in under-resourced languages
GK Anumanchipalli, AW Black
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Text-dependent pathological voice detection
GK Anumanchipalli, H Meinedo, M Bugalho, I Trancoso, LC Oliveira, ...
Thirteenth Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication …, 2012
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