Havalend E. Steinmuller
Havalend E. Steinmuller
Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON)
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Hivatkozott rá
Toward a mechanistic understanding of “peat collapse” and its potential contribution to coastal wetland loss
LG Chambers, HE Steinmuller, JL Breithaupt
Ecology, e02720, 2019
How Well Do Restored Intertidal Oyster Reefs Support Key Biogeochemical Properties in a Coastal Lagoon?
LG Chambers, SA Gaspar, CJ Pilato, HE Steinmuller, KJ McCarthy, ...
Estuaries and Coasts, 1-16, 2017
Understanding the fate of soil organic matter in submerging coastal wetland soils: A microcosm approach
HE Steinmuller, KM Dittmer, JR White, LG Chambers
Geoderma 337, 1267-1277, 2019
Can saltwater intrusion accelerate nutrient export from freshwater wetland soils? An experimental approach
HE Steinmuller, LG Chambers
Soil Science Society of America Journal 82 (1), 283-292, 2018
Characterization of coastal wetland soil organic matter: Implications for wetland submergence
HE Steinmuller, LG Chambers
Science of the Total Environment 677, 648-659, 2019
Refining the global estimate of mangrove carbon burial rates using sedimentary and geomorphic settings
JL Breithaupt, HE Steinmuller
Geophysical Research Letters 49 (18), e2022GL100177, 2022
Does edge erosion alter coastal wetland soil properties? A multi-method biogeochemical study
HE Steinmuller, MP Hayes, NR Hurst, Y Sapkota, RL Cook, JR White, ...
Catena 187, 2020
Comparing the Biogeochemistry of Storm Surge Sediments and Pre-storm Soils in Coastal Wetlands: Hurricane Irma and the Florida Everglades
JL Breithaupt, N Hurst, HE Steinmuller, E Duga, JM Smoak, JS Kominoski, ...
Estuaries and Coasts, 1-14, 2019
Tipping points in the mangrove March: characterization of biogeochemical cycling along the mangrove–salt marsh ecotone
HE Steinmuller, TE Foster, P Boudreau, C Ross Hinkle, LG Chambers
Ecosystems 23, 417-434, 2020
An improved framework for estimating organic carbon content of mangrove soils using loss-on-ignition and coastal environmental setting
JL Breithaupt, HE Steinmuller, AS Rovai, KM Engelbert, JM Smoak, ...
Wetlands 43 (6), 57, 2023
A decadal scale nutrient loading study in a coastal wetland: impacts to soil microbial processes
HE Steinmuller, SA Graham, JR White, M McKee, IA Mendelssohn
Ecological Engineering 97, 58-63, 2016
Coastal wetland soil carbon storage at mangrove range limits in Apalachicola Bay, FL: observations and expectations
HE Steinmuller, JL Breithaupt, KM Engelbert, P Assavapanuvat, ...
Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 5, 852910, 2022
Organic carbon dynamics and microbial community response to oyster reef restoration
NR Hurst, B Locher, HE Steinmuller, LJ Walters, LG Chambers
Limnology and Oceanography 67 (5), 1157-1168, 2022
Characterization of herbaceous encroachment on soil biogeochemical cycling within a coastal marsh
HE Steinmuller, TE Foster, P Boudreau, CR Hinkle, LG Chambers
Science of The Total Environment 738, 139532, 2020
Comparing Vertical Change in Riverine, Bayside, and Barrier Island Wetland Soils in Response to Acute and Chronic Disturbance in Apalachicola Bay, FL
HE Steinmuller, E Bourque, SB Lucas, KM Engelbert, J Garwood, ...
Estuaries and Coasts, 1-13, 2022
Characterizing hydrologic effects on soil physicochemical variation within tree islands and marshes in the coastal Florida Everglades
HE Steinmuller, SL Stoffella, R Vidales, MS Ross, S Dattamudi, LJ Scinto
Soil Science Society of America Journal 85 (4), 1269-1280, 2021
Updated Global Estimates of Mangrove Organic Carbon Burial Rates Using Sedimentary and Geomorphic Settings
J Breithaupt, H Steinmuller
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2022, B13B-03, 2022
Temperature Effects on Greenhouse Gas Production From Treatment Wetland Soils Along a Nutrient Gradient
K Dittmer, H Steinmuller
The Pegasus Review: UCF Undergraduate Research Journal 9 (2), 2, 2017
Oyster Reef Restoration May Influence Local Sediment Geochemistry Prior to Introduction of Live Oysters
I Sniff, L Smee, HE Steinmuller
Gulf and Caribbean Research 34 (1), SC40-SC44, 2023
Biogeochemical Effects of Sea Level Rise-induced Transitions in Coastal Wetlands
HE Steinmuller
University of Central Florida, 2019
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