Katy J Chamberlain
Katy J Chamberlain
E-mail megerősítve itt: liverpool.ac.uk
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Hivatkozott rá
Timescales of mixing and mobilisation in the Bishop Tuff magma body: perspectives from diffusion chronometry
KJ Chamberlain, DJ Morgan, CJN Wilson
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 168 (1), 1034, 2014
New perspectives on the Bishop Tuff from zircon textures, ages and trace elements
KJ Chamberlain, CJN Wilson, JL Wooden, BLA Charlier, TR Ireland
Journal of Petrology 55 (2), 395-426, 2014
Micro-analytical perspectives on the Bishop Tuff and its magma chamber
KJ Chamberlain, CJN Wilson, PJ Wallace, MA Millet
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Rapid assembly of high-Mg andesites and dacites by magma mixing at a continental arc stratovolcano
CE Conway, KJ Chamberlain, Y Harigane, DJ Morgan, CJN Wilson
Geology 48 (10), 1033-1037, 2020
Bridging the gap: 40Ar/39Ar dating of volcanic eruptions from the ‘Age of Discovery’
K Preece, DF Mark, J Barclay, BE Cohen, KJ Chamberlain, C Jowitt, ...
Geology 46 (12), 1035-1038, 2018
No single model for supersized eruptions and their magma bodies
CJN Wilson, GF Cooper, KJ Chamberlain, SJ Barker, ML Myers, ...
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 2 (9), 610-627, 2021
Origin and evolution of silicic magmas at ocean islands: Perspectives from a zoned fall deposit on Ascension Island, South Atlantic
KJ Chamberlain, J Barclay, K Preece, RJ Brown, JP Davidson
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 327, 349-360, 2016
Lower Crustal Heterogeneity and Fractional Crystallization Control Evolution of Small-volume Magma Batches at Ocean Island Volcanoes (Ascension Island, South Atlantic)
KJ Chamberlain, J Barclay, KJ Preece, RJ Brown, JP Davidson
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Time to change the data culture in geochemistry
KJ Chamberlain, KA Lehnert, IM McIntosh, DJ Morgan, G Wörner
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 2 (11), 737-739, 2021
Health Benefits of Ikigai: A Review of Literature
Y Kotera, G Kaluzeviciute, G Gulcan, K McEwan, K Chamberlain
Concurrent Disorders Society Publishing, 2021
Explosive felsic eruptions on ocean islands: A case study from Ascension Island (South Atlantic)
K Preece, J Barclay, RJ Brown, KJ Chamberlain, DF Mark
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Deep and disturbed: conditions for formation and eruption of a mingled rhyolite at Ascension Island, south Atlantic
KJ Chamberlain, J Barclay, K Preece, R Brown, IM McIntosh, EIMF
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Zircon geochronological and geochemical insights into pluton building and volcanic-hypabyssal-plutonic connections: Oki-Dōzen, Sea of Japan—A complex intraplate alkaline volcano
JH Scarrow, KJ Chamberlain, P Montero, MSA Horstwood, JI Kimura, ...
American Mineralogist 107 (8), 1545-1562, 2022
Not Only Green and Blue: Defining the Potential of Red Nature to Improve Wellbeing
Y Kotera, HTG Liu, KJ Chamberlain
Journal of Ecopsychology 1 (5), 1-6, 2021
A 1 million Year Eruption History of Ascension Island: Insights From Stratigraphy and 40Ar/39Ar Dating
K Preece, J Barclay, R Brown, DF Mark, K Chamberlain, BE Cohen, ...
Zircon double-dating, trace element and O isotope analysis to decipher late Pleistocene explosive-effusive eruptions from a zoned ocean-island magma system, Ascension Island
JH Scarrow, AK Schmitt, M Danišík, KJ Chamberlain, BV Davies, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 319, 108304, 2023
The 2021 eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano: Petrological insights gained from the initial rapid response to post-eruption study
OA Barbee, MJ Pankhurst, KJ Chamberlain, JH Scarrow, J Hickey, ...
2022 Goldschmidt Conference, 2022
Time series petrological insights into magmatic evolution during the 2021 Cumbre Vieja eruption, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
KJ Chamberlain, JH Scarrow, MJ Pankhurst, OA Barbee, DA Neave, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU22-9661, 2022
Time series compositional insights into magmatic evolution during the 2021 Cumbre Vieja eruption, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
JH Scarrow, KJ Chamberlain, MJ Pankhurst, OA Barbee, BC Coldwell, ...
EGU22, 2022
The Magmatic Plumbing Systems of Oceanic Islands I Oral
O Namur, A Di Muro, Z Taracsak, KJ Chamberlain
AGU Fall Meeting 2021, 2021
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