Sabry Shaheen
Sabry Shaheen
Professor of Soil and Water Sciences; Faculty of Agriculture; Kafrelsheikh University
E-mail megerősítve itt: agr.kfs.edu.eg
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Soil amendments for immobilization of potentially toxic elements in contaminated soils: A critical review
KN Palansooriya, SM Shaheen, SS Chen, DCW Tsang, Y Hashimoto, ...
Environment international 134, 105046, 2020
Trace elements in the soil-plant interface: Phytoavailability, translocation, and phytoremediation–A review
V Antoniadis, E Levizou, SM Shaheen, YS Ok, A Sebastian, C Baum, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 171, 621-645, 2017
Biochar application to low fertility soils: A review of current status, and future prospects
A El-Naggar, SS Lee, J Rinklebe, M Farooq, H Song, AK Sarmah, ...
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International Materials Reviews 64 (4), 216-247, 2019
Multifunctional applications of biochar beyond carbon storage
N Bolan, SA Hoang, J Beiyuan, S Gupta, D Hou, A Karakoti, S Joseph, ...
International Materials Reviews 67 (2), 150-200, 2022
A critical review on bioremediation technologies for Cr (VI)-contaminated soils and wastewater
S Xia, Z Song, P Jeyakumar, SM Shaheen, J Rinklebe, YS Ok, N Bolan, ...
Critical reviews in environmental science and technology 49 (12), 1027-1078, 2019
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J Rinklebe, V Antoniadis, SM Shaheen, O Rosche, M Altermann
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A critical prospective analysis of the potential toxicity of trace element regulation limits in soils worldwide: Are they protective concerning health risk assessment?-A review
V Antoniadis, SM Shaheen, E Levizou, M Shahid, NK Niazi, M Vithanage, ...
Environment international 127, 819-847, 2019
Arsenic removal by perilla leaf biochar in aqueous solutions and groundwater: an integrated spectroscopic and microscopic examination
NK Niazi, I Bibi, M Shahid, YS Ok, ED Burton, H Wang, SM Shaheen, ...
Environmental Pollution 232, 31-41, 2018
Biochar composition-dependent impacts on soil nutrient release, carbon mineralization, and potential environmental risk: a review
A El-Naggar, AH El-Naggar, SM Shaheen, B Sarkar, SX Chang, ...
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Opportunities and challenges in the use of coal fly ash for soil improvements–a review
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Journal of environmental management 145, 249-267, 2014
Bioavailability and risk assessment of potentially toxic elements in garden edible vegetables and soils around a highly contaminated former mining area in Germany
V Antoniadis, SM Shaheen, J Boersch, T Frohne, G Du Laing, J Rinklebe
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A critical review on arsenic removal from water using biochar-based sorbents: the significance of modification and redox reactions
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Global soil pollution by toxic elements: Current status and future perspectives on the risk assessment and remediation strategies–A review
S Khan, M Naushad, EC Lima, S Zhang, SM Shaheen, J Rinklebe
Journal of Hazardous Materials 417, 126039, 2021
Impact of emerging and low cost alternative amendments on the (im) mobilization and phytoavailability of Cd and Pb in a contaminated floodplain soil
SM Shaheen, J Rinklebe
Ecological Engineering 74, 319-326, 2015
Biochar affects the dissolved and colloidal concentrations of Cd, Cu, Ni, and Zn and their phytoavailability and potential mobility in a mining soil under dynamic redox-conditions
A El-Naggar, SM Shaheen, YS Ok, J Rinklebe
Science of the total environment 624, 1059-1071, 2018
Amendment of biochar reduces the release of toxic elements under dynamic redox conditions in a contaminated floodplain soil
J Rinklebe, SM Shaheen, T Frohne
Chemosphere 142, 41-47, 2016
Release of As, Ba, Cd, Cu, Pb, and Sr under pre-definite redox conditions in different rice paddy soils originating from the USA and Asia
J Rinklebe, SM Shaheen, K Yu
Geoderma 270, 21-32, 2016
Soil and maize contamination by trace elements and associated health risk assessment in the industrial area of Volos, Greece
V Antoniadis, EE Golia, YT Liu, SL Wang, SM Shaheen, J Rinklebe
Environment international 124, 79-88, 2019
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