Valentin Gischig
Valentin Gischig
Swiss Federal Office of Energy, SFOE
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Experimental study of the brittle behavior of clay shale in rapid unconfined compression
F Amann, EA Button, KF Evans, VS Gischig, M Blümel
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 44 (4), 415-430, 2011
The seismo-hydromechanical behavior during deep geothermal reservoir stimulations: open questions tackled in a decameter-scale in situ stimulation experiment
F Amann, V Gischig, K Evans, J Doetsch, R Jalali, B Valley, H Krietsch, ...
Solid Earth 9 (1), 115-137, 2018
Site effects in unstable rock slopes: dynamic behavior of the Randa instability (Switzerland)
JR Moore, V Gischig, J Burjanek, S Loew, D Fäh
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 101 (6), 3110-3116, 2011
Beyond debuttressing: Mechanics of paraglacial rock slope damage during repeat glacial cycles
LM Grämiger, JR Moore, VS Gischig, S Ivy‐Ochs, S Loew
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122 (4), 1004-1036, 2017
Composite rock slope kinematics at the current Randa instability, Switzerland, based on remote sensing and numerical modeling
V Gischig, F Amann, JR Moore, S Loew, H Eisenbeiss, W Stempfhuber
Engineering Geology 118 (1-2), 37-53, 2011
A stochastic model for induced seismicity based on non-linear pressure diffusion and irreversible permeability enhancement
VS Gischig, S Wiemer
Geophysical Journal International 194 (2), 1229-1249, 2013
Thermomechanical forcing of deep rock slope deformation: 1. Conceptual study of a simplified slope
VS Gischig, JR Moore, KF Evans, F Amann, S Loew
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 116 (F4), 2011
Monitoring and early warning of the 2012 Preonzo catastrophic rockslope failure
S Loew, S Gschwind, V Gischig, A Keller-Signer, G Valenti
Landslides 14 (1), 141-154, 2017
On the seismic response of deep-seated rock slope instabilities—Insights from numerical modeling
VS Gischig, E Eberhardt, JR Moore, O Hungr
Engineering Geology 193, 1-18, 2015
Thermomechanical forcing of deep rock slope deformation: 2. The Randa rock slope instability
VS Gischig, JR Moore, KF Evans, F Amann, S Loew
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 116 (F4), 2011
Numerical investigation of seismically induced rock mass fatigue as a mechanism contributing to the progressive failure of deep-seated landslides
V Gischig, G Preisig, E Eberhardt
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 49 (6), 2457-2478, 2016
Rupture propagation behavior and the largest possible earthquake induced by fluid injection into deep reservoirs
VS Gischig
Geophysical Research Letters 42 (18), 7420-7428, 2015
On the link between stress field and small-scale hydraulic fracture growth in anisotropic rock derived from microseismicity
VS Gischig, J Doetsch, H Maurer, H Krietsch, F Amann, KF Evans, ...
Solid Earth 9 (1), 39-61, 2018
Stress measurements for an in situ stimulation experiment in crystalline rock: integration of induced seismicity, stress relief and hydraulic methods
H Krietsch, V Gischig, K Evans, J Doetsch, NO Dutler, B Valley, F Amann
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 52 (2), 517-542, 2019
Hydraulic stimulation and fluid circulation experiments in underground laboratories: Stepping up the scale towards engineered geothermal systems
VS Gischig, D Giardini, F Amann, M Hertrich, H Krietsch, S Loew, ...
Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment 24, 100175, 2020
The importance of earthquake interactions for injection‐induced seismicity: Retrospective modeling of the Basel Enhanced Geothermal System
F Catalli, AP Rinaldi, V Gischig, M Nespoli, S Wiemer
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (10), 4992-4999, 2016
Rockslide deformation monitoring with fiber optic strain sensors
JR Moore, V Gischig, E Button, S Loew
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 10 (2), 191-201, 2010
Comprehensive geological dataset describing a crystalline rock mass for hydraulic stimulation experiments
H Krietsch, J Doetsch, N Dutler, M Jalali, V Gischig, S Loew, F Amann
Scientific data 5 (1), 1-12, 2018
Ambient vibration characterization and monitoring of a rock slope close to collapse
J Burjánek, V Gischig, JR Moore, D Fäh
Geophysical Journal International 212 (1), 297-310, 2018
Identification of active release planes using ground-based differential InSAR at the Randa rock slope instability, Switzerland.
V Gischig, S Loew, A Kos, JR Moore, H Raetzo, F Lemy
Natural Hazards & Earth System Sciences 9 (6), 2009
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