Laura Thomas-Walters
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Motivations for the use and consumption of wildlife products
L Thomas-Walters, A Hinsley, D Bergin, G Burgess, H Doughty, S Eppel, ...
Conservation Biology, 2020
Nature documentaries and saving nature: Reflections on the new Netflix series Our Planet
JPG Jones, L Thomas‐Walters, NA Rust, D Veríssimo
People and Nature 1 (4), 420-425, 2019
Supporting conservation: The roles of flagship species and identifiable victims
L Thomas‐Walters, N J Raihani
Conservation Letters 10 (5), 581-587, 2017
Taking a more nuanced look at behavior change for demand reduction in the illegal wildlife trade
L Thomas‐Walters, D Veríssimo, E Gadsby, D Roberts, RJ Smith
Conservation Science and Practice 2 (9), e248, 2020
A quantitative-PCR based method to estimate ranavirus viral load following normalisation by reference to an ultraconserved vertebrate target
WTM Leung, L Thomas-Walters, TWJ Garner, F Balloux, C Durrant, ...
Journal of Virological Methods 249, 147-155, 2017
A scoping review of celebrity endorsement in environmental campaigns and evidence for its effectiveness
A Olmedo, EJ Milner‐Gulland, DWS Challender, L Cugnière, HTT Dao, ...
Conservation Science and Practice 2 (10), e261, 2020
A scoping review into the impact of animal imagery on pro-environmental outcomes
L Thomas-Walters, C McNulty, D Veríssimo
Ambio 49 (6), 1135-1145, 2020
Nature documentaries as catalysts for change: Mapping out the ‘Blackfish Effect’
L Boissat, L Thomas‐Walters, D Veríssimo
People and Nature 3 (6), 1179-1192, 2021
Social marketing and conservation
RJ Smith, G Salazar, J Starinchak, L Thomas-Walters, D Veríssimo
Conservation research, policy and practice, 309-322, 2020
Targeted values: The relevance of classical Chinese philosophy for illegal wildlife demand reduction campaigns
L Thomas‐Walters, H Cheung, TM Lee, AKY Wan, Y Wang
People and Nature 2 (4), 964-971, 2020
An optimistic outlook on the use of evidence syntheses to inform environmental decision‐making
L Thomas‐Walters, EA Nyboer, JJ Taylor, T Rytwinski, JF Lane, N Young, ...
Conservation Science and Practice 3 (6), e426, 2021
Challenges in the impact evaluation of behaviour change interventions: The case of sea turtle meat and eggs in São Tomé
L Thomas‐Walters, S Vieira, V Jiménez, D Monteiro, B Ferreira, RJ Smith, ...
People and Nature 2 (4), 913-922, 2020
Mapping Motivations: Combating Consumption of Illegal Wildlife in Vietnam
LA Thomas-Walters
Traffic/USAID, Vietnam, 2018
Systematic review of conservation interventions to promote voluntary behavior change
L Thomas‐Walters, J McCallum, R Montgomery, C Petros, AKY Wan, ...
Conservation Biology 37 (1), e14000, 2023
A systematic review of conservation efforts using non-monetary, non-regulatory incentives to promote voluntary behaviour change
L Thomas-Walters, J McCallum, R Montgomery, AKY Wan, D Veríssimo
SocArXiv, 2020
Blackfish: how captive killer whale documentary ended SeaWorld’s orca breeding programme
L Thomas-Walters, D Veríssimo
The Conversation Trust, 2021
Behaviour change for demand reduction in the wildlife trade
L Thomas-Walters
PQDT-Global, 2021
Social identification predicts behavioural engagement with environmental activist movements, but does not moderate the collective climate action intention-behaviour gap
I Parkes, L Thomas-Walters, A Sabherwal, D O'Dell, G Shreedhar
SocArXiv, 2023
Understanding China's political will for sustainability and conservation gains
H Cheung, YP Feng, A Hinsley, TM Lee, HP Possingham, SN Smith, ...
People and Nature 5 (1), 57-68, 2023
Flagship individuals in biodiversity conservation
I Jarić, IC Normande, U Arbieu, F Courchamp, SL Crowley, JM Jeschke, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 2023
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