Ryan Crow
Ryan Crow
Research Geologist, USGS, Flagstaff
E-mail megerősítve itt: usgs.gov
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Continuing Colorado plateau uplift by delamination-style convective lithospheric downwelling
A Levander, B Schmandt, MS Miller, K Liu, KE Karlstrom, RS Crow, ...
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Model for tectonically driven incision of the younger than 6 Ma Grand Canyon
KE Karlstrom, R Crow, LJ Crossey, D Coblentz, JW Van Wijk
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Mantle-driven dynamic uplift of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau and its surface response: Toward a unified hypothesis
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40Ar/39Ar and field studies of Quaternary basalts in Grand Canyon and model for carving Grand Canyon: Quantifying the interaction of river incision and normal faulting across …
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Shrinking of the Colorado Plateau via lithospheric mantle erosion: Evidence from Nd and Sr isotopes and geochronology of Neogene basalts
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Geology 39 (1), 27-30, 2011
Importance of groundwater in propagating downward integration of the 6–5 Ma Colorado River system: Geochemistry of springs, travertines, and lacustrine carbonates of the Grand …
LC Crossey, KE Karlstrom, R Dorsey, J Pearce, E Wan, LS Beard, ...
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History of Quaternary volcanism and lava dams in western Grand Canyon based on lidar analysis, 40Ar/39Ar dating, and field studies: Implications for flow stratigraphy, timing …
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Atlas of petroleum fields and discoveries, northern Green Canyon, Ewing Bank, and southern Ship Shoal and South Timbalier areas (offshore Louisiana), northern Gulf of Mexico
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Paleogene Grand Canyon incompatible with Tertiary paleogeography and stratigraphy
RA Young, R Crow
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Abandonment of Unaweep Canyon (1.4–0.8 Ma), western Colorado: Effects of stream capture and anomalously rapid Pleistocene river incision
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Colorado River chronostratigraphy at Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, and the Colorado Plateau bull’s-eye of incision: COMMENT
K Karlstrom, A Darling, R Crow, G Lazear, A Aslan, D Granger, E Kirby, ...
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Post–12 Ma deformation in the lower Colorado River corridor, southwestern USA: Implications for diffuse transtension and the Bouse Formation
JO Thacker, KE Karlstrom, LJ Crossey, RS Crow, CE Cassidy, LS Beard, ...
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Rates of river incision and scarp retreat in eastern and central Grand Canyon over the past half million years: Evidence for passage of a transient knickzone: COMMENT
R Crow, K Karlstrom, L Crossey, R Young, MH Ort, Y Asmerom, V Polyak, ...
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Studies of informal geologic time learning at the “Trail of Time” in Grand Canyon National Park
S Semken, J Dodick, R Frus, M Wells, D Perry, J Bryan, M Williams, ...
Information Learning Review 1, 1-5, 2009
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