Michael J. McLeish
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The Crystal Structure of Benzoylformate Decarboxylase at 1.6 Å Resolution:  Diversity of Catalytic Residues in Thiamin Diphosphate-Dependent Enzymes,
MS Hasson, A Muscate, MJ McLeish, LS Polovnikova, JA Gerlt, ...
Biochemistry 37 (28), 9918-9930, 1998
Relating structure to mechanism in creatine kinase
MJ McLeish, GL Kenyon
Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 40 (1), 1-20, 2005
Involvement of Electrostatic Interactions in the Mechanism of Peptide Folding Induced by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Binding,
R Montserret, MJ McLeish, A Böckmann, C Geourjon, F Penin
Biochemistry 39 (29), 8362-8373, 2000
The 2.1 Å Structure of Torpedo californica Creatine Kinase Complexed with the ADP-Mg2+−NO3-−Creatine Transition-State Analogue Complex,
SD Lahiri, PF Wang, PC Babbitt, MJ McLeish, GL Kenyon, KN Allen
Biochemistry 41 (47), 13861-13867, 2002
An unusually low p K a for Cys282 in the active site of human muscle creatine kinase
PF Wang, MJ McLeish, MM Kneen, G Lee, GL Kenyon
Biochemistry 40 (39), 11698-11705, 2001
Structural and kinetic analysis of catalysis by a thiamin diphosphate-dependent enzyme, benzoylformate decarboxylase
ES Polovnikova, MJ McLeish, EA Sergienko, JT Burgner, NL Anderson, ...
Biochemistry 42 (7), 1820-1830, 2003
Exchanging the substrate specificities of pyruvate decarboxylase from Zymomonas mobilis and benzoylformate decarboxylase from Pseudomonas putida
P Siegert, MJ McLeish, M Baumann, H Iding, MM Kneen, GL Kenyon, ...
Protein Engineering Design and Selection 18 (7), 345-357, 2005
Specific inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum thioredoxin reductase as potential antimalarial agents
AD Andricopulo, MB Akoachere, R Krogh, C Nickel, MJ McLeish, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 16 (8), 2283-2292, 2006
Characterization of benzaldehyde lyase from Pseudomonas fluorescens: A versatile enzyme for asymmetric C–C bond formation
E Janzen, M Müller, D Kolter-Jung, MM Kneen, MJ McLeish, M Pohl
Bioorganic chemistry 34 (6), 345-361, 2006
Mechanism-based inactivation of thioredoxin reductase from Plasmodium falciparum by Mannich bases. Implication for cytotoxicity
E Davioud-Charvet, MJ McLeish, DM Veine, D Giegel, LD Arscott, ...
Biochemistry 42 (45), 13319-13330, 2003
High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of the alkaloids in betel nut
JL Huang, MJ McLeish
Journal of Chromatography A 475 (2), 447-450, 1989
Getting the adrenaline going: crystal structure of the adrenaline-synthesizing enzyme PNMT
JL Martin, J Begun, MJ McLeish, JM Caine, GL Grunewald
Structure 9 (10), 977-985, 2001
Elucidation of the chemistry of enzyme-bound thiamin diphosphate prior to substrate binding: defining internal equilibria among tautomeric and ionization states
N Nemeria, L Korotchkina, MJ McLeish, GL Kenyon, MS Patel, F Jordan
Biochemistry 46 (37), 10739-10744, 2007
Conformational analysis of LYS (11− 36), a peptide derived from the β-sheet region of T4 lysozyme, in TFE and SDS
LV Najbar, DJ Craik, JD Wade, D Salvatore, MJ McLeish
Biochemistry 36 (38), 11525-11533, 1997
Spectroscopic detection of transient thiamin diphosphate-bound intermediates on benzoylformate decarboxylase
EA Sergienko, J Wang, L Polovnikova, MS Hasson, MJ McLeish, ...
Biochemistry 39 (45), 13862-13869, 2000
Saturation mutagenesis of putative catalytic residues of benzoylformate decarboxylase provides a challenge to the accepted mechanism
A Yep, GL Kenyon, MJ McLeish
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (15), 5733-5738, 2008
Fragment-based screening by X-ray crystallography, MS and isothermal titration calorimetry to identify PNMT (phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase) inhibitors
N Drinkwater, H Vu, KM Lovell, KR Criscione, BM Collins, TE Prisinzano, ...
Biochemical Journal 431 (1), 51-61, 2010
Characterization of a thiamin diphosphate‐dependent phenylpyruvate decarboxylase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
MM Kneen, R Stan, A Yep, RP Tyler, C Saehuan, MJ McLeish
The FEBS Journal 278 (11), 1842-1853, 2011
Determinants of substrate specificity in KdcA, a thiamin diphosphate-dependent decarboxylase
A Yep, GL Kenyon, MJ McLeish
Bioorganic chemistry 34 (6), 325-336, 2006
Substrate specificity in thiamin diphosphate-dependent decarboxylases
FH Andrews, MJ McLeish
Bioorganic chemistry 43, 26-36, 2012
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