Fruzsina Elekes
Fruzsina Elekes
Eötvös Loránd University, Central European University
E-mail megerősítve itt: ceu.edu
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Evidence for spontaneous level-2 perspective taking in adults
F Elekes, M Varga, I Király
Consciousness and cognition 41, 93-103, 2016
Enhanced encoding of the co-actor's target stimuli during a shared non-motor task
F Elekes, G Bródy, E Halász, I Király
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Social category formation is induced by cues of sharing knowledge in young children
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Level‐2 perspectives computed quickly and spontaneously: Evidence from eight‐to 9.5‐year‐old children
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Learning how to use a tool: Mutually exclusive tool–function mappings are selectively acquired from linguistic in-group models
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Relevant for us? We-prioritization in cognitive processing.
MD Constable, F Elekes, N Sebanz, G Knoblich
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Creating a shared representational space
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Szelektív utánzás a modell megbízhatóságának függvényében: A modell életkorának szerepe
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The model’s age as a cue of knowledgeability induces selective imitation
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Linguistic but not minimal group membership modulates spontaneous level‐2 perspective interference in 8‐year‐old children
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Replication of Experiment 1 of the project'Online level-2 perspective taking for newly learnt symbols'
I Király, R Pető, F Elekes
OSF, 2022
Small steps toward an empathic multicultural world through a new perspective of social categorization as a tool in adaptive learning
R Petö, F Elekes, K Oláh, I Király
Psychiatria Hungarica: A Magyar Pszichiatriai Tarsasag Tudomanyos Folyoirata …, 2020
Evidence for the spontaneous monitoring of the co-actor’s focus of attention during live social interactions: A novel form of perspective taking?
F Elekes
Online level-2 perspective taking for newly learnt symbols
R Pető, F Elekes, I Király
OSF, 0
Evidence for Spontaneous Level-2 Perspective Taking in Adults Fruzsina Elekes, Máté Varga d, and Ildikó Király b, e Doctoral School of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University …
F Elekes
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