Giovanna Zamboni
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Cognitive and neural foundations of religious belief
D Kapogiannis, AK Barbey, M Su, G Zamboni, F Krueger, J Grafman
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The neural bases of key competencies of emotional intelligence
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Neuroanatomy of impaired self-awareness in Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment
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Individualism, conservatism, and radicalism as criteria for processing political beliefs: a parametric fMRI study
G Zamboni, M Gozzi, F Krueger, JR Duhamel, A Sirigu, J Grafman
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A selenium species in cerebrospinal fluid predicts conversion to Alzheimer’s dementia in persons with mild cognitive impairment
M Vinceti, A Chiari, M Eichmüller, KJ Rothman, T Filippini, C Malagoli, ...
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Challenges in the reproducibility of clinical studies with resting state fMRI: An example in early Parkinson's disease
L Griffanti, M Rolinski, K Szewczyk-Krolikowski, RA Menke, N Filippini, ...
Neuroimage 124, 704-713, 2016
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