F.R. Zuñiga
F.R. Zuñiga
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Hivatkozott rá
Inadvertent changes in magnitude reported in earthquake catalogs: Their evaluation through b-value estimates
FR Zúñiga, M Wyss
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Seismicity patterns: Are they always related to natural causes?
FR Zúñiga, S Wiemer
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Most- and Least-Likely Locations of Large to Great Earthquakes along the Pacific Coast of Mexico Estimated from Local Recurrence Times Based on b-Values
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Frictional overshoot and partial stress drop. Which one?
FR Zúñiga
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Preliminary paleoseismic results from the Pastores fault and its role in the seismic hazard of the Acambay graben, Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, Mexico
RM Langridge, M Persaud, FR Zúñiga, GJ Aguirre-Díaz, P Villamor, ...
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The Sanfandila earthquake sequence of 1998, Queretaro, Mexico: activation of an undocumented fault in the northern edge of central Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
FR Zúñiga, JF Pacheco, M Guzmán-Speziale, GJ Aguirre-Dıaz, ...
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M Ortuño, FR Zúñiga, GJ Aguirre-Díaz, D Carreón-Freyre, M Cerca, ...
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Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas 32 (3), 361-376, 2015
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A first-order seismotectonic regionalization of Mexico for seismic hazard and risk estimation
FR Zúñiga, G Suárez, Á Figueroa-Soto, A Mendoza
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How many paleointensity determinations are required from a single lava flow to constitute a reliable average?
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GJ Aguirre-Diaz, FR Zúniga-Davila Madrid, FJ Pacheco-Alvarado, ...
A general overview of the catalog of recent seismicity compiled by the Mexican Seismological Survey
FR Zúñiga, MA Reyes, C Valdés
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Shearing along faults and stratigraphic joints controlled by land subsidence in the Valley of Queretaro, Mexico
D Carreón-Freyre, M Cerca, G Ochoa-González, P Teatini, FR Zuñiga
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Peligro sísmico en Latinoamérica y el Caribe
R Zúñiga, G Suárez, M Ordaz, V García-Acosta
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Sedimentary evidence of historical and prehistorical earthquakes along the Venta de Bravo Fault System, Acambay Graben (Central Mexico)
P Lacan, M Ortuño, L Audin, H Perea, S Baize, G Aguirre-Díaz, FR Zúñiga
Sedimentary Geology 365, 62-77, 2018
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