MohammadHadi Baligh
MohammadHadi Baligh
További nevekHadi Baligh, Mohammad Hadi Baligh
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Sparse code multiple access
H Nikopour, H Baligh
2013 IEEE 24th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and …, 2013
SCMA codebook design
M Taherzadeh, H Nikopour, A Bayesteh, H Baligh
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Joint base station clustering and beamformer design for partial coordinated transmission in heterogeneous networks
M Hong, R Sun, H Baligh, ZQ Luo
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SCMA for downlink multiple access of 5G wireless networks
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2014 IEEE global communications conference, 3940-3945, 2014
Blind detection of SCMA for uplink grant-free multiple-access
A Bayesteh, E Yi, H Nikopour, H Baligh
2014 11th international symposium on wireless communications systems (ISWCS …, 2014
Resource assignment systems and methods
H Zhang, M Baligh, MH Fong, D Yu, S Vrzic, J Li, W Tong, C Dodd
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System and method for uplink grant-free transmission scheme
KKK Au, H Nikopour, P Djukic, Z Yi, A Bayesteh, J Ma, M Baligh, L Zhang
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6G: The next horizon: From connected people and things to connected intelligence
B Rong
IEEE Wireless Communications 28 (5), 8-8, 2021
Low complexity techniques for SCMA detection
A Bayesteh, H Nikopour, M Taherzadeh, H Baligh, J Ma
2015 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps), 1-6, 2015
Rank adaptation for an open loop multi-antenna mode of wireless communication
H Xu, J Wu, J Ma, M Jia, M Baligh, P Zhu, W Tong
US Patent 8,948,093, 2015
System and method for self-optimized inter-cell interference coordination
J Ma, M Baligh
US Patent 9,031,591, 2015
Coexistence of Grant-Based and Grant-Free Uplink Transmissions in a Channel
T Islam, KKK Au, M Baligh, P Zhang
US Patent App. 15/697,222, 2018
Initial access, mobility, and user-centric multi-beam operation in 5G new radio
J Liu, K Au, A Maaref, J Luo, H Baligh, H Tong, A Chassaigne, J Lorca
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (3), 35-41, 2018
Aspects to support LTE-A downlink hi-order MIMO
H Xu, J Ma, DS Yu, M Jia, A Callard, M Baligh
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Systems and methods for sparse code multiple access
H Nikopour, M Baligh
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System and method for designing and using multidimensional constellations
MT Boroujeni, H Nikopour, A Bayesteh, M Baligh
US Patent 9,509,379, 2016
Method and devices for multiple transmit receive point cooperation for reliable communication
Z Gong, A Maaref, M Baligh, H Farmanbar, A Jassal, H Xu
US Patent 11,212,825, 2021
Cross-layer provision of future cellular networks: A WMMSE-based approach
H Baligh, M Hong, WC Liao, ZQ Luo, M Razaviyayn, M Sanjabi, R Sun
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 31 (6), 56-68, 2014
System and method for semi-static downlink inter-cell interference coordination for wireless communications
J Ma, M Baligh, A Callard
US Patent 8,340,677, 2012
System and method for unified feedback in a communication system
J Ma, M Jia, M Baligh, Y Tang
US Patent 9,520,931, 2016
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