ML Jat
ML Jat
ICAR, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
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Limited potential of no-till agriculture for climate change mitigation
DS Powlson, CM Stirling, ML Jat, BG Gerard, CA Palm, PA Sanchez, ...
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Evaluation of precision land leveling and double zero-till systems in the rice–wheat rotation: Water use, productivity, profitability and soil physical properties
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Double no-till and permanent raised beds in maize–wheat rotation of north-western Indo-Gangetic plains of India: effects on crop yields, water productivity, profitability and …
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Long term effect of conservation agriculture in maize rotations on total organic carbon, physical and biological properties of a sandy loam soil in north-western Indo-Gangetic …
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TK Das, R Bhattacharyya, S Sudhishri, AR Sharma, YS Saharawat, ...
Field Crops Research 158, 24-33, 2014
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