Tongguang Zhai
Tongguang Zhai
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A crystallographic mechanism for fatigue crack propagation through grain boundaries
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The grain boundary geometry for optimum resistance to growth of short fatigue cracks in high strength Al-alloys
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Texture evolution of continuous cast and direct chill cast AA 3003 aluminum alloys during cold rolling
WC Liu, T Zhai, JG Morris
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Distributions of pore size and fatigue weak link strength in an A713 sand cast aluminum alloy
Y Zhang, J Xu, T Zhai
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Comparison of recrystallization texture in cold-rolled continuous cast AA5083 and 5182 aluminum alloys
J Li, WC Liu, T Zhai, EA Kenik
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A study of Re and Al diffusion in Ni
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Optimization of resistance spot welding on the assembly of refractory alloy 50Mo–50Re thin sheet
J Xu, X Jiang, Q Zeng, T Zhai, T Leonhardt, J Farrell, W Umstead, ...
Journal of nuclear materials 366 (3), 417-425, 2007
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