Brian J. Henz
Brian J. Henz
Research Engineer, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
E-mail megerősítve itt: army.mil
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
On the role of built-in electric fields on the ignition of oxide coated nanoaluminum: Ion mobility versus Fickian diffusion
BJ Henz, T Hawa, MR Zachariah
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (2), 2010
Molecular dynamics simulation of the energetic reaction between Ni and Al nanoparticles
BJ Henz, T Hawa, M Zachariah
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Molecular dynamic simulation of dicarboxylic acid coated aqueous aerosol: structure and processing of water vapor
X Ma, P Chakraborty, BJ Henz, MR Zachariah
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A hybrid global–local approach for optimization of injection gate locations in liquid composite molding process simulations
BJ Henz, RV Mohan, DR Shires
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Hybrid core acceleration of UWB SIRE radar signal processing
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Determination of binding energy and solubility parameters for functionalized gold nanoparticles by molecular dynamics simulation
BJ Henz, PW Chung, JW Andzelm, TL Chantawansri, JL Lenhart, ...
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Cloudlet seeding: Spatial deployment for high performance tactical clouds
D Shires, B Henz, S Park, J Clarke
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Coprocessor computing with FPGA and GPU
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Ductility at the nanoscale: Deformation and fracture of adhesive contacts using atomic force microscopy
N Pradeep, DI Kim, J Grobelny, T Hawa, B Henz, MR Zachariah
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Atomistic simulation of the aluminum nanoparticle oxidation mechanism
B Henz, T Hawa, M Zachariah
48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting Including the New Horizons Forum and …, 2010
Process modeling of composites by resin transfer molding: practical applications of sensitivity analysis for isothermal considerations
BJ Henz, KK Tamma, R Kanapady, ND Ngo, PW Chung
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Taming wild horses: The need for virtual time-based scheduling of vms in network simulations
SB Yoginath, KS Perumalla, BJ Henz
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A performance study of±1 steganalysis employing a realistic operating scenario
L Marvel, B Henz, C Boncelet
MILCOM 2007-IEEE Military Communications Conference, 1-7, 2007
A lattice statics based tangent stiffness finite element method
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CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 5 (1), 45-62, 2004
A framework to evaluate cyber agility
LM Marvel, S Brown, I Neamtiu, R Harang, D Harman, B Henz
MILCOM 2015-2015 IEEE Military Communications Conference, 31-36, 2015
Virtual machine-based simulation platform for mobile ad-hoc network-based cyber infrastructure
SB Yoginath, KS Perumalla, BJ Henz
The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation 12 (4), 439-456, 2015
Process modeling of composites by resin transfer molding-Sensitivity analysis for isothermal considerations
B Henz, K Tamma, R Kanapady, N Ngo, P Chung
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Large scale MANET emulations using US Army waveforms with application: VoIP
BJ Henz, T Parker, D Richie, L Marvel
2011-MILCOM 2011 Military Communications Conference, 2164-2169, 2011
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