Joakim Stenhammar
Joakim Stenhammar
Senior Lecturer, Lund University
E-mail megerősítve itt: fkem1.lu.se
Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Continuum theory of phase separation kinetics for active Brownian particles
J Stenhammar, A Tiribocchi, RJ Allen, D Marenduzzo, ME Cates
Physical review letters 111 (14), 145702, 2013
Phase behaviour of active Brownian particles: the role of dimensionality
J Stenhammar, D Marenduzzo, RJ Allen, ME Cates
Soft matter 10 (10), 1489-1499, 2014
Pressure and phase equilibria in interacting active Brownian spheres
AP Solon, J Stenhammar, R Wittkowski, M Kardar, Y Kafri, ME Cates, ...
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R Wittkowski, A Tiribocchi, J Stenhammar, RJ Allen, D Marenduzzo, ...
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J Stenhammar, R Wittkowski, D Marenduzzo, ME Cates
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AP Solon, J Stenhammar, ME Cates, Y Kafri, J Tailleur
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Light-induced self-assembly of active rectification devices
J Stenhammar, R Wittkowski, D Marenduzzo, ME Cates
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Role of correlations in the collective behaviour of microswimmer suspensions
J Stenhammar, C Nardini, RW Nash, D Marenduzzo, A Morozov
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A Azari, JJJ Crassous, AM Mihut, E Bialik, P Schurtenberger, ...
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Reversible Formation of Thermoresponsive Binary Particle Gels with Tunable Structural and Mechanical Properties
JN Immink, JJE Maris, JJ Crassous, J Stenhammar, P Schurtenberger
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Packaging of a flexible polyelectrolyte inside a viral capsid: effect of salt concentration and salt valence
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Swimming suppresses correlations in dilute suspensions of pusher microorganisms
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Particle-resolved lattice Boltzmann simulations of 3-dimensional active turbulence
D Bardfalvy, H Nordanger, C Nardini, A Morozov, J Stenhammar
Soft Matter 15, 7747-7756, 2019
Symmetric mixtures of pusher and puller microswimmers behave as noninteracting suspensions
D Bárdfalvy, S Anjum, C Nardini, A Morozov, J Stenhammar
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Pair-distribution function of active Brownian spheres in two spatial dimensions: simulation results and analytic representation
J Jeggle, J Stenhammar, R Wittkowski
The Journal of Chemical Physics 152 (19), 2020
Some comments and corrections regarding the calculation of electrostatic potential derivatives using the Ewald summation technique
J Stenhammar, M Trulsson, P Linse
The Journal of chemical physics 134 (22), 2011
Lattice-Boltzmann simulations of microswimmer-tracer interactions
J De Graaf, J Stenhammar
Physical Review E 95 (2), 023302, 2017
Vesicles Balance Osmotic Stress with Bending Energy That Can Be Released to Form Daughter Vesicles
X Liu, J Stenhammar, H Wennerström, E Sparr
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 13 (2), 498-507, 2022
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