Mazyar Ghadiri Nejad
Mazyar Ghadiri Nejad
Industrial Engineering Department, Girne American University, TRNC, Turkey
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Hivatkozott rá
Application of hierarchical facility location problem for optimization of a drone delivery system: a case study of Amazon prime air in the city of San Francisco
SM Shavarani, MG Nejad, F Rismanchian, G Izbirak
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 95 (9), 3141-3153, 2018
Preparation of novel porous calcium silicate scaffold loaded by celecoxib drug using freeze drying technique: Fabrication, characterization and simulation
A Kordjamshidi, S Saber-Samandari, MG Nejad, A Khandan
Ceramics International 45 (11), 14126-14135, 2019
On the mechanical and biological properties of bredigite-magnetite (Ca7MgSi4O16-Fe3O4) nanocomposite scaffolds
A Khandan, N Ozada, S Saber-Samandari, MG Nejad
Ceramics International 44 (3), 3141-3148, 2018
Effect of copper oxide nanoparticles on electrical conductivity and cell viability of calcium phosphate scaffolds with improved mechanical strength for bone tissue engineering
S Sahmani, M Shahali, MG Nejad, A Khandan, MM Aghdam, ...
The European Physical Journal Plus 134 (1), 1-11, 2019
Study of the effect of the Zn2+ content on the anisotropy and specific absorption rate of the cobalt ferrite: the application of Co1− xZnxFe2O4 ferrite for magnetic hyperthermia
H Ghayour, M Abdellahi, M Ghadiri Nejad, A Khandan, ...
Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 1-8, 2017
Calcium phosphate-PLA scaffolds fabricated by fused deposition modeling technique for bone tissue applications: fabrication, characterization and simulation
S Sahmani, A Khandan, S Esmaeili, S Saber-Samandari, MG Nejad, ...
Ceramics International 46 (2), 2447-2456, 2020
An artificial blood vessel fabricated by 3D printing for pharmaceutical application
S Esmaeili, M Shahali, A Kordjamshidi, Z Torkpoor, F Namdari, ...
Nanomedicine Journal 6 (3), 183-194, 2019
A mathematical model and simulated annealing algorithm for solving the cyclic scheduling problem of a flexible robotic cell
M Ghadiri Nejad, H Güden, B Vizvári, R Vatankhah Barenji
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 10 (1), 1-12, 2018
Trade-off between process scheduling and production cost in cyclic flexible robotic cells
MG Nejad, SM Shavarani, B Vizvári, RV Barenji
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 96 (1-4 …, 2018
A Stochastic Model for the Ethanol Pharmacokinetics
M Ghadirinejad, E Atasoylu, G Izbirak, M Ghasemi
Iranian journal of public health 45 (9), 1170-1178, 2016
Synergic effects of magnetic nanoparticles on hyperthermia-based therapy and controlled drug delivery for bone substitute application
MM Salmani, M Hashemian, HJ Yekta, MG Nejad, S Saber-Samandari, ...
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 33, 2809-2820, 2020
Micro-finite element model to investigate the mechanical stimuli in scaffolds fabricated via space holder technique for cancellous bone
SA Hashemi, S Esmaeili, MG Nejad, S Saber-Samandari, E Sheikhbahaei, ...
An optimization model for cyclic scheduling problem in flexible robotic cells
MG Nejad, G Kovács, B Vizvári, RV Barenji
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 95 (9), 3863-3873, 2018
Mobile robot scheduling for cycle time optimization in flow-shop cells, a case study
S Mosallaeipour, M Ghadiri Nejad, SM Shavarani, R Nazerian
Production Engineering 12 (1), 83-94, 2018
A narrative review of COVID-19: the new pandemic disease
K Shirani, E Sheikhbahaei, Z Torkpour, MG Nejad, BK Moghadas, ...
Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences 45 (4), 233, 2020
A novel competitive hybrid approach based on grouping evolution strategy algorithm for solving U-shaped assembly line balancing problems
MG Nejad, AH Kashan, SM Shavarani
Production Engineering 12 (5), 555-566, 2018
Optimally sized design of a wind/photovoltaic/fuel cell off-grid hybrid energy system by modified-gray wolf optimization algorithm
R Vatankhah Barenji, M Ghadiri Nejad, I Asghari
Energy & Environment 29 (6), 1053-1070, 2018
Knowledge management orientation: an innovative perspective to hospital management
M Ghasemi, MG Nejad, K Bagzibagli
Iranian journal of public health 46 (12), 1639, 2017
Improvement in osseointegration of tricalcium phosphate-zircon for orthopedic applications: an in vitro and in vivo evaluation
A Bagherifard, H Joneidi Yekta, H Akbari Aghdam, M Motififard, ...
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 58, 1681-1693, 2020
Process sequencing for a pick-and-place robot in a real-life flexible robotic cell
MG Nejad, SM Shavarani, H Güden, RVB Barenji
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 103 (9-12 …, 2019
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