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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
The largest deep-ocean silicic volcanic eruption of the past century
R Carey, SA Soule, M Manga, JDL White, J McPhie, R Wysoczanski, ...
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The pumice raft-forming 2012 Havre submarine eruption was effusive
M Manga, KE Fauria, C Lin, SJ Mitchell, M Jones, CE Conway, ...
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Gas invasion into water-saturated, unconsolidated porous media: Implications for gas hydrate reservoirs
KE Fauria, AW Rempel
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Trapped bubbles keep pumice afloat and gas diffusion makes pumice sink
KE Fauria, M Manga, Z Wei
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2017
Effect of particle entrainment on the runout of pyroclastic density currents
K Fauria, M Manga, M Chamberlain
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Pyroclast cooling and saturation in water
KE Fauria, M Manga
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Ongoing dispersal of the 7 August 2019 pumice raft from the Tonga arc in the southwestern Pacific Ocean
M Jutzeler, R Marsh, E van Sebille, T Mittal, RJ Carey, KE Fauria, ...
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Submarine giant pumice: a window into the shallow conduit dynamics of a recent silicic eruption
SJ Mitchell, BF Houghton, RJ Carey, M Manga, KE Fauria, MR Jones, ...
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Suspended particle capture by synthetic vegetation in a laboratory flume
KE Fauria, RE Kerwin, D Nover, SG Schladow
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The largest deep-ocean silicic volcanic eruption of the past century, Sci. Adv., 4, e1701121
R Carey, SA Soule, M Manga, JDL White, J McPhie, R Wysoczanski, ...
The role of small shallow landslides in landscape evolution as revealed by high resolution differential lidar surveys and field mapping
M Sanders, MD Nelson, AB Bryk, MH Huang, K Fauria, WE Dietrich
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2019, EP43D-2399, 2019
Physical properties of shallow landslides and their role in landscape evolution investigated with ultrahigh-resolution lidar data and aerial imagery
MD Nelson, AB Bryk, K Fauria, MH Huang, WE Dietrich
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, EP51B-1641, 2017
Volcanic Surface Deformation in Dominica From GPS Geodesy: Results From the 2007 NSF-REU Site
R Murphy, S James, RH Styron, HL Turner, A Ashlock, C Cavness, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2007, V11C-0754, 2007
A Revised Caribbean Plate Motion Model: GPS Geodetic Results From the Dominica NSF-REU Site
K Fauria, RH Styron, S James, HL Turner, A Ashlock, CL Cavness, ...
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Bayesian seismic refraction inversion for critical zone science and near‐surface applications
MH Huang, B Hudson‐Rasmussen, S Burdick, V Lekic, MD Nelson, ...
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Observations of shallow methane bubble emissions from Cascadia Margin
APM Michel, VL Preston, KE Fauria, DP Nicholson
Frontiers in Earth Science 9, 285, 2021
The relationship between topography, bedrock weathering, and water storage across a sequence of ridges and valleys
MA Pedrazas, WJ Hahm, D Dralle, MD Nelson, RE Breunig, KE Fauria, ...
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Submarine Volcanism: Advances in Observations, Methods, and Models II
L Retailleau, SA Soule, C Aiken, KE Fauria, WSD Wilcock
AGU Fall Meeting 2020, 2020
Remote Detection of Pumice Rafts and Discolored Water from Submarine Volcanic Eruptions Using Satellite Imagery
M Zheng, T Mittal, KE Fauria
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Ocean dispersal of the 2019 Tonga pumice raft and insights on submarine eruption mechanisms (SW Pacific)
M Jutzeler, E van Sebille, R Marsh, T Mittal, R Carey, KE Fauria, M Manga, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2020, V040-0021, 2020
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