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debangsu roy
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
Observation of the exchange spring behavior in hard–soft-ferrite nanocomposite
D Roy, C Shivakumara, PSA Kumar
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 321 (5), L11-L14, 2009
Enhancement of in a hard-soft-ferrite nanocomposite using exchange spring mechanism
D Roy, PSA Kumar
Journal of applied physics 106 (7), 073902, 2009
Exchange spring behaviour in SrFe12O19-CoFe2O4 nanocomposites
D Roy, PS Anil Kumar
AIP Advances 5 (7), 077137, 2015
Investigation on non-exchange spring behaviour and exchange spring behaviour: A first order reversal curve analysis
D Roy, KV Sreenivasulu, PS Anil Kumar
Applied Physics Letters 103 (22), 222406, 2013
Investigation on two magnon scattering processes in pulsed laser deposited epitaxial nickel zinc ferrite thin film
Debangsu Roy, S Sakshath, Geetanjali Singh, Rajeev Joshi, S V Bhat and P S ...
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 48 (125004), 7, 2015
Efficient spin current generation in low-damping Mg(Al, Fe)2O4 thin films
LJ Riddiford, JJ Wisser, S Emori, P Li, D Roy, E Cogulu, O van't Erve, ...
Applied Physics Letters 115 (12), 122401, 2019
First harmonic measurements of the spin Seebeck effect
Y Chen, D Roy, E Cogulu, H Chang, M Wu, AD Kent
Applied Physics Letters 113 (20), 202403, 2018
Spin transport in an insulating ferrimagnetic-antiferromagnetic-ferrimagnetic trilayer as a function of temperature
Y Chen, E Cogulu, D Roy, J Ding, JB Mohammadi, PG Kotula, NA Missert, ...
AIP Advances 9 (10), 105319, 2019
Intermixing of ordinary and anomalous Hall effect in SrRuO3
Debangsu Roy, Noam Haham, James W. Reiner, Efrat Shimshoni and Lior Klein
Physical Review B 92, 235101, 2015
Current-induced nonuniform enhancement of sheet resistance in -irradiated
D Roy, Y Frenkel, S Davidovitch, E Persky, N Haham, M Gabay, B Kalisky, ...
Physical Review B 95 (24), 245303, 2017
Composed planar Hall effect sensors with dual-mode operation
Vladislav Mor, Debangsu Roy, Moty Schultz, and Lior Klein
AIP Advances 6, 025302, 2016
Control of magnetization reversal in oriented strontium ferrite thin films
D Roy, PS Anil Kumar
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (7), 073906, 2014
On the magnetization reversal of the oxide-based exchange spring magnet
D Roy, C Shivakumara, PS Anil Kumar
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (7), 07A761, 2011
Development of a composite material with high magnetic permeability and low loss factor for high frequency application
D Roy, PS Anil Kumar
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07A315, 2012
Field tuning of domain-wall type and chirality in
D Roy, S Davidovitch, YM Hung, M Schultz, SD Albright, ...
Physical Review B 95 (22), 224437, 2017
Emergence of considerable thermoelectric effect due to the addition of an underlayer in Pt/Co/Pt stack and its application in detecting field free magnetization switching
R Posti, A Kumar, D Tiwari, D Roy
Applied Physics Letters 121 (22), 223502, 2022
Detection of field-free magnetization switching through thermoelectric effect in Ta/Pt/Co/Pt with significant spin-orbit torque and competing spin currents
R Posti, A Kumar, D Tiwari, D Roy
arXiv preprint arXiv:2207.01202, 2022
Spin Seebeck Effect in Y3Fe5O12/NiO/Pt Thin Film Heterostructures
E Cogulu, D Roy, T Liu, M Wu, H Ohldag, A Kent
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, X40. 005, 2019
Efficient spin current generation from new, low-loss Mg(Al,Fe)2O4 films into heavy metals
L Riddiford, J Wisser, S Emori, P Li, D Roy, E Cogulu, O Van T Erve, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, K39. 003, 2019
Effect of Modification in Flow Distributor Valve Geometry on the Pressure Drop and Chamber Pressures, in Numerical and Analytical Way, in ORBIT Motor HST Unit
D Roy, A Kumar, R Maiti, PK Das
Preprints, 2018
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