Xiaohong JIA
Xiaohong JIA
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Hivatkozott rá
Hivatkozott rá
An algebraic approach to continuous collision detection for ellipsoids
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Efficient maximal Poisson-disk sampling and remeshing on surfaces
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Blue‐Noise Remeshing with Farthest Point Optimization
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Using Smith forms and μ-bases to compute all the singularities of rational planar curves
X Jia, R Goldman
Computer Aided Geometric Design, 2012
Set-theoretic generators of rational space curves
X Jia, H Wang, R Goldman
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Role of moving planes and moving spheres following Dupin cyclides
X Jia
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Continuous Detection of the Variations of the Intersection Curves of Two Moving Quadrics in 3-Dimensional Projective Space
X Jia, W Wang, YK Choi, B Mourrain, C Tu
TR-2012-15, 0
Homeomorphic approximation of the intersection curve of two rational surfaces
LY Shen, JS Cheng, X Jia
Computer Aided Geometric Design, 2012
Hydrodynamics and lateral gas dispersion in a high-density circulating fluidized bed reactor with bluff internals
杨艳辉, 贾新莉, 魏飞, 金涌
中国化学工程学报: 英文版 9 (3), 291-296, 2001
Multi-strip smooth developable surfaces from sparse design curves
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Larnet: Lie algebra residual network for face recognition
X Yang, X Jia, D Gong, DM Yan, Z Li, W Liu
International Conference on Machine Learning, 11738-11750, 2021
An occlusion-resistant circle detector using inscribed triangles
M Zhao, X Jia, DM Yan
Pattern Recognition 109, 107588, 2021
Continuous collision detection for composite quadric models
YK Choi, W Wang, B Mourrain, C Tu, X Jia, F Sun
Graphical models 76 (5), 566-579, 2014
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